74i8r 6bfte 5eik2 69efb i6zkt ktrka 2h58e f4hrh nfr3y bttf4 ytzf6 dtny7 nfeed in7t5 e8ayz y2ed6 73kt7 fzrye i9kse s4tni kyhke Top tip: In 3.15 you can switch off clouds, vastly improving performance, and it makes Crusader look beautiful |

Top tip: In 3.15 you can switch off clouds, vastly improving performance, and it makes Crusader look beautiful

2021.10.28 09:35 Gitano-cat Top tip: In 3.15 you can switch off clouds, vastly improving performance, and it makes Crusader look beautiful

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2021.10.28 09:35 MajinDLX LibreOffice Writer magyar helyesírásellenőrzés beállításában kéne help.

Elnézést, ha nagyon szűk réteget érint csak a kérdés, törlöm is, amint megvan a válasz, de nagyon örülnék neki, ha valaki, aki LibreOffice-t használ, tudna nekem segíteni abban, hogy be tudjam állítani a magyar helyesírásellenőrzést. A LibreOffice verzióm információi

Version: (x64) Build ID: 144abb84a525d8e30c9dbbefa69cbbf2d8d4ae3b CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19042; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win Locale: hu-HU (en_GB); UI: en-GB Calc: CL 
Utánamentem már pár oldalon, le is szedtem az extensions oldalról egy "Lightproof grammar checker (magyar)" fájlt, ami telepítésre került, a Language Settings alatt elvileg mindent jól beállítottam, de egyszerűen nem megy az ellenőrzés. Szóval ha van itt valaki, aki LibreOffice használó és sikerült összehoznia egy magyar nyelvhelyesség ellenőrzést, akkor nagyon szeretném őt megkérni, hogy fogjon kézen és vezessen végig a folyamaton, mert munkához kéne használnom és elég fontos lenne, hogy az elütések, elgépelések, hibák láthatóak legyenek. Előre is köszönöm.
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2021.10.28 09:35 airjooel Series X/S CFM Year One week 9

Open teams- bears(2-6), bucs (6-2), eagles (3-5), giants (3-5), football team (2-6), steelers (1-6), jags (0-7), dolphins (2-6), jets (3-5), pats (5-4), broncos (4-4), chargers (1-6), raiders (4-3)
started year with a great core from previous maddens just didnt fill the league entirely. Great group of guys good balance/ range of skill level in the league. 48 hour sim
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2021.10.28 09:35 DONP4CHEE Lil meet up with some randoms

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2021.10.28 09:35 creativeblockade Replacing the disks of bare metal Server 2012 - not sure if I should just do a bare metal restore

Hey guys, this is a stupid beginner question, I'm sorry in advance...
So we have a dell poweredge t430 currently in RAID10 with 4 spinning discs running bare metal Windows Server 2012. I want to replace these spinning disks with 2 SSDs for better performance. The bare metal server 2012 is running active directory, for backup we use Veeam Agent for Windows Free (latest Version 5) its doing a full backup every day. So right now my plan is to create a new Virtual Raid1 disk in PERC with the new SSDs but keep the old RAID10 just in case.. Then I would boot from the recoveryMedia and do a full restore to the new virtual disk.
I'm always a little scared of Active Directory restore because I've read a lot of horror storys. Do you think this is the best plan for this?
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2021.10.28 09:35 Past-Return4903 Teacher RP?

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2021.10.28 09:35 Nic_SlashNCast Murder Moose: A Horror Podcast - Episode 56: The First Power (1990) | Review/Discussion - Murder Moose Podcast

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2021.10.28 09:35 bouboufos Scan - Kurogane no Valhallian Chapitre 016

lien du chapitre submitted by bouboufos to mangafr [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 09:35 AndTails Tails' Victory Pose! (Art by me)

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2021.10.28 09:35 SumRegis Help me pick my next RPG

Need help picking my next RPG, these are the ones I'm looking at:
Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Persona 5, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy 7, Dragon Age 2, Diablo 3
I mostly like fantasy or adventure RPGs. The last one I really sunk time into was Divinity Original Sin 2, but I've played and enjoyed Dragon age: origins, Bioshocks, Jedi: fallen order, Ghosts of Tsushima, Witcher 3, God of War, Horizon zero dawn, and assassin's Creed Odyssey. Though I'm kind of burnt out on the open world filler stuff recently. I like engaging combat, and the feeling of my character getting stronger as I progress.
These are the games I already have easy access to, but I'd take suggestions that aren't on the list.
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2021.10.28 09:35 UltimatePeter QuickBooks POS: Modify a Report

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2021.10.28 09:35 SignificantOne4755 Homemade Chocolate Cake Recipe

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2021.10.28 09:35 nooMehTrednUedalBts1 The time has come & so have I

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2021.10.28 09:35 MrWatty97 RetroGamehz- Kirby’s Adventure: È Davvero il Capolavoro NES?

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2021.10.28 09:35 AlbuquerqueAardvarks What to do with Fant, Goedert, Gesicki

I took shots on Fant, Goedert, and Gesicki to correct a very bleak TE situation, and it has been okay thus far, but all 3 guys seem to be startable but not ever elite.
They all have some pretty big question marks but lots of upside - would you hold and play matchups until they develop a bit, or try to sell one sooner rather than later? (I’m contending)
I’ve tried packaging any of them with other picks/players for the elite guys but nobody is giving them up without an overpay and I don’t blame them.
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2021.10.28 09:35 Lekmanutpls Wtf is this?

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2021.10.28 09:35 comedyfan56 Astrology makes way for sense than psychics!

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2021.10.28 09:35 FearlessLion3ss 38 [F4M] Car fun?

Nooooooooooo 😁
Did I catch your attention 'coz you're horny? 😉 if so, then sorry ✌
As much as I want car fun like you, basically, kausap will do even just for this day. I just wanted something out of my head foreal. Don't ask what it is 'coz I'm not here to talk it about and not into too personal at this point. I am much open and glad if you wanted to share things, thoughts or happiness instead not politics pls 🤣. But not to the extent of receiving unsolicited dick pics, sop or whatnot. Naughty but decent is very much appreciated.
People I value are busy today and I don't feel distracting them just to accommodate senselessness, hence, this post. So if you're down for it, hit me up with your asl, describing yourself and something to talk about.
I've included the info below if you find it necessary before responding. Thank you
Petite, slim, fair skinned

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2021.10.28 09:35 AlBoumPhoto The Camden in Dublin have found the loophole

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2021.10.28 09:35 PutridSothoth Switch Offline Mode Issues: "Failed to Authenticate"

Anyone else experiencing this? I have been happily playing my copy on the switch since launch without internet, so in offline mode. I don't have an ISP at home, so being able to play offline is a must. The game started to stuttelag on me, so I closed out of it, which I have done many times in the past, and when I opened it back up it told me "it couldn't authenticate" then proceeded to soft-wall me. I took my switch to an internet source and got in queue, but when I select to play offline it tells me the same error message and won't let me play offline. This is ridiculous. Does anyone know how to get past this error message? Thanks.
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2021.10.28 09:35 HollowxMood Does anyone now if you have to pay customs duties when you buy at Trash Gang in Germany?

View Poll
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2021.10.28 09:35 runs_with_robots Crypto on IBKR? only if you like sitting on your hands

Between the IBKR maintenance and the PAXO maintenance
trading crypto on IBKR is a waste of time
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2021.10.28 09:35 Jack_125 Taxa de desemprego cai, mas renda encolhe, aponta IBGE

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2021.10.28 09:35 jsbsbah https://discord.gg

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2021.10.28 09:35 canela209 5g question

Anyone know how to disable 5g and only use LTE?
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