Weekly Staking and Yield Farming Review

2021.10.28 08:05 Getaroombigboy Weekly Staking and Yield Farming Review

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Another week, another staking review. This week we take a look at three existing staking platforms and review the week's most notable developments in the staking industry.
Notable developments
Pancakeswap continued to offer more conservative APRs compared to previous weeks with the exception of its ‘Community Farms’. These are 7 day farms which qualifying projects can bid for the right to host. Light-BNB was paying a 335% APR. These are ultra high risk projects and you should check out the fundamentals before investing.
Sushi increased its APR for staking its currency from 10.8% to 16.5%, still substantially behind CAKE which is offering a whopping 77%. It was also offering a tasty 857% for farming MASK-USDC. Mask Network is a peer to peer messaging app with a valuation of over $1 billion. It's a generous return if you believe in the future of MASK.
Aave's best return was 87,000% in exchange for staking the $200 million ‘smart commodity money’ platform Ampleforth compared to a more conservative 20% for staking Decentraland, the virtual reality world operator.
Curve’s returns continue to become more conservative with its highest rate dropping from 7.9% to 5.3%. There is a definite balance to be had between high risk and high return and low risk low return, Last week we looked at Compounds 2.2% APR for staking its native token and suggested this did not provide a sufficient risk premium. We believe the same could be said for Curve’s current line up of APRs. Staking crypto is high risk, returns must reflect this fact - offering 0.43% for staking RenBTC, a synthetic asset that represents the value of BTC, just doesn't cover the risk involved in our opinion.
Auto’s most attractive APR was for farming CHESS-USDC paying a massive 729%. CHESS is a tokenized asset management and derivatives trading protocol with a fully diluted market cap of $959 million and TVL of $1.5 billion. This could be worth further investigation.
You can view this week’s table of APRs from leading platforms here - you can also subscribe to this free newsletter by following the link
Platform reviews
This is a platform a community member asked us to review. Moonstake is a basic staking platform allowing you to stake only its native token. There is no indication of what APR you would earn if you were brave enough to buy into it’s token, not helped by the fact that Moonstake is not listed on either of the main listing platforms. You can view the platform yourself at https://Moonstake.finance. Why someone would buy tokens in this project and stake them on a platform which looks like it was designed by a three year old is beyond us. Avoid!
Sovryn - Sovryn price, SOV chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko
Sovryn is a non-custodial and permission-less smart contract based system for bitcoin lending, borrowing and margin trading. Sovryn is live on RSK mainnet and allows users to trade Bitcoin natively and permissionless on a decentralized application.
Sovryn has a platform that isn’t exactly easy for the average crypto enthusiast to navigate. It however is one of the few platforms that focuses on BTC staking which makes it stand out from the many other metoo platforms in this space. It’s fully diluted valuation of $2 billion compared to only $150 million of TVL makes its cryptocurrency grossly overvalued in our opinion. However it’s platform is worth further investigation. It’s conservative APRs and complex user interface makes this one for the professionals.
Okcoin is a digital asset trading platform, established in 2013 by Star Xu in Beijing, China that offers fiat trading with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin) for individuals and professionals. Their mission is to create an efficient, reliable and secure platform that removes any trading barriers globally. That is the background. So let’s examine the platform.
It’s two headline staking deals are Miamicoin to earn STX and STX to earn BTC.
The first pays a 430% APY and the second 10%. STX or Stacks is the common denominator in both of these offers. STX has a fully diluted valuation of nearly $4 billion with very little upside for the new investor. Miamicoin is a community coin on the Stacks chain. Both of these options, in our opinion, are best avoided.
Amongst their other offers, staking DOT for a 17.64% APR seems a decent deal if you are a believer in the future of Polkadot as a protocol.
Okcoin is an easy to navigate platform but in general the returns do not seem to reflect the risk investors are taking on.
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No Financial Advice
This report does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to buy in any way. Always do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrencies is high risk, and you could lose 100% of your investment.
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I having some little issue migrating from React-Router v3 to v4.in v3 I was able to do this anywhere:
import { browserHistory } from 'react-router';browserHistory.push('/some/path'); How do I achieve this in v4.
I know that I could use, the hoc withRouter, react context, or event router props when you are in a Component. but it is not the case for me.
I am looking for the equivalence of NavigatingOutsideOfComponents in v4
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/reactjs/how-to-get-history-on-react-router-v4
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2021.10.28 08:05 tempranilly My (M33) ex-partner (F35) was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after we broke up. What's the compassionate approach to take without creating false hope?

Me and my ex needed to break up, and we'd needed to for a fair few months. The trouble was that she was not attracted to me, she wanted to want to be with me but that is not a healthy way to live a life. I was in denial about this for the majority of the relationship (lasted 2 years), as we did have intimate times but I always had a longing to feel desired, and when I would bring this up it there was very little compassion in her part about it. I never pushed or demanded, admittedly sometimes I was sad about it and she would see that and occasionally proposition me while I felt sad - I was not a fan of this and would turn down such offers as I didn't want to create that kind of dynamic, it would feel like my sadness was merely an act of manipulation.. which it wasn't.
Anyways, eventually I expressed to her that the lack of feeling wanted and desired was becoming too much, that it wasn't her fault and that she'd tried, but it was affecting her life in negative ways too, imagine being in a long term relationship with somebody you love but aren't attracted to. So we should end things. During all of this she'd had a biopsy (not going into too much detail) and was awaiting results. Sadly, after a couple of weeks she got the results and they were positive for cancer - the severity of which is still to be determined. Following this, she was very angry with me and told e that I'd abandoned her - I wanted to help her but I just didn't know how to approach it. I said I'd be there for her but there were so many aspects of the relationship that I needed space from so that I could become comfortable and confident again. Now we're on no contact as I said that I couldn't engage in communication which was so aggressive, as it would be bad for our mental health. She sent me more very angry and cruel messages, which to n extent I understand but I just cannot let myself get sucked into those feelings anymore.
I'm lost on how to communicate healthily, while keeping a boundary there so that there is no false hope that I'll look after her. She doesn't really have anyone that she can talk deep emotions with, and mostly refuses to anyway (another painful aspect of the relationship). I'm really worried bout her being alone during all of this but yeah, I need to take control of my own life again. Any advice on how to express some of this to her while not leaving her with negative feelings and potentially causing her healing process to be more difficult?
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Title ^ thanks
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I made some hotbars (for controllers) for ew jobs Please let me know what you think/advice on how to make them better <3 To clarify set 3 is meant to be set 1 and set 1 is meant to be set 3
Also the controller I use has 2 back paddles, so left d-pad and right d-pad are also 'buttons', as in I don't need to take my thumb off of the left thumb stick to press them.
P.S. for healers the set 2 left side (that has a regen skill on triangle) all the empty slots are select party member macros 2~8
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2021.10.28 08:04 Espanola145 You Mother F####r

F##k You AceAttorney, F##k You AmongUs, F##k You AnimalCrossing, F##k You ARMS, F##k You BanjoKazooie, F##k You Bayonetta, F##k You Castlevania, F##k You CrashBandicoot, F##k You DevilMayCry And F##k You Donkeykong. THESE SUBREDDITS ARE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.
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I've got a Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10.1" with the built-in speaker cylinder along one side, and most of the flexible "arm" tablet holders I've looked at aren't wide enough to grip this model lengthways. I'd imagine it would be difficult to fit the bulky cylinder end into a standard tablet holder, so does anyone know of a tablet holder that would be able to fit this model of tablet?
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Fair play to him.
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