33tn4 h4z5n er3ry f7fr5 i46yd bn3b9 y53be rk8ad kftaz dfti2 kzrfe thyhk t5df7 i2fh3 ky87y ya5bi sr78z bs6z3 eetin nybz5 59k36 | ⚗️Labswap ⚗️ | DeFi | Potential x100 | | $LAB | 0% Tax fee | 0,1% Slippage | Decentralized Finance community project, We’re building our own ecosystem focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming | ⚗️🚀 |

| ⚗️Labswap ⚗️ | DeFi | Potential x100 | | $LAB | 0% Tax fee | 0,1% Slippage | Decentralized Finance community project, We’re building our own ecosystem focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming | ⚗️🚀

2021.10.28 08:02 GemFinder-17 | ⚗️Labswap ⚗️ | DeFi | Potential x100 | | $LAB | 0% Tax fee | 0,1% Slippage | Decentralized Finance community project, We’re building our own ecosystem focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming | ⚗️🚀

🔹Decentralised finance community project. We are building our own ecosystem focused on NFTs marketplace, Stake & Yield Farming
🔹Our staking and other DeFi features will further increase the demand and reduce the supply, while continuing to enable growth in value through staking and NFTs.
🔹With our yield farm, you will be able to get more benefit from your Labswap. Because our token ($LAB) is not exploitable, we may adopt a dual token mechanism and use an alternative token to make profits.
$LAB is a decentralized finance (DeFi) token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).
The token was launched with an initial 10B (billions) tokens 0% Tax fee
✅We are already launched on pancakeswap!
$LAB: 0xa36dcff099e7ef8577601448bc60890dd50fa45f
Token symbol: LAB
Maximum supply: 10,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain [BSC]
● 60% for Liquidity :. 6,000,000,000
● 10% Marketing :: :. 1,000,000,000
● 10% Ecosystem :. 1,000,000,000
● 15% Exchange Listings :. 1,500,000,000
● 5% for Core Team :. 500,000,000
Don’t miss this moonshot! Keep it on your radar!!
💬Telegram: https://t.me/labswapcommunity
🌐 website: https://www.labswap.io
📲 Twitter: https://twitter.com/labswap_io
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2021.10.28 08:02 centurionprime12 Why can't they just release Valhalla on Steam?

Listen, I want to be a Viking. In the game of course. But Ubisoft decided to fuck Steam users and release the game as an epic exclusive. Now before anyone calls me a steam fanboy, the reason I dont buy games on Epic is because their launcher sucks and thats fact. The download speeds are terrible, the games are always laggy despite the same game running buttery smooth when I play them on Steam.
Is there a sliver of hope that Valhalla will ever be released on Steam?
PS. Ubi Connect is out of the question cuz they dont offer regional pricing in my country
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2021.10.28 08:02 artsnumeriques Exhibition : "Pop Art" virtual art exhibition - Call for artists - CFW

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2021.10.28 08:02 7Z7- Configuring Scrivener 3 to write a script.

Hello everyone,
I've gotten into the habit of using Scrivener 3. Today, I would like to write a screenplay but I am having some problems while writing and compiling.
I did a test and it seems strangely complicated to write a screenplay on Scrivener. There are clearly none of the writing facilities that Fade In or Final Draft can offer. However, I'm not the biggest expert either. Are there any configurations that can be made in the program to simplify screenwriting in Scrivener 3 (and get closer to Fade In or Final Draft)?
Compiling is also a pain. It never looks like the layout I have. I have to spend an insane amount of time on this...
Otherwise I'll make up my mind that I have to pay for Fade In again (because Final Draft is a bit too expensive for me).

I thank you all for any help you can give me.
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2021.10.28 08:02 SeijiWeiss Maeda Kaori no Dengeki Game Live #057

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2021.10.28 08:02 Evergreenevery Is all people who commit premeditated murder a psychopath?

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2021.10.28 08:02 kittenandkettlebells I'm trying to find an online or local support group but it's just making me feel worse.

It's been 10years since I left my position in the church. 10 years of shame and hurt.
It's time to move on but to do so I need to find a safe place to share my story, to talk with people who understand.
I'm struggling to find anything; online and especially in person.
It just makes me feel alone. Feels like the abuse is validated. If no one else feels this way, it must just be me, right?
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2021.10.28 08:02 FFBot Official: [Simple Questions and League Issues] - Thu Morning, 10/28/2021

DO NOT post Who Do I Start, Add Drop, or Trade questions in this thread; find the appropriate thread within the INDEX.
Questions about Collusion, How Waivers Work, Stat corrections, League Scoring, etc. all belong here. Any commissioner question on how to handle a situation in your league belongs here.
Any simple fantasy football question, especially when you are looking for a quick answer rather than a discussion, usually does not deserve its own thread and should be posted here. Occasionally a platform's customer care department, such as u/YahooFantasyCare may be available to address your questions directly in this thread.

Remember: Most answers to simple questions and league questions don't change from year to year. How much has changed in collecting dues in the 2 years? We encourage you to use the search function for questions like this.
  • When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
  • Do NOT reply with only a yes or no. This just removes the other person from the index without them getting information. You are not helping.
  • Explain why you came to the conclusion you did
  • Please respond directly to the OP or the Bot will not pick up your comment
Individual Simple Question or League Issue (with very rare exceptions) threads posted after this point will be deleted in order to keep the subreddit clean. Post here instead! If everyone sorts by new, your questions should be answered. You can also check out /FFCommish
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2021.10.28 08:02 Life-Satisfaction-58 Live feed of the Astros dugout last night

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2021.10.28 08:02 Proof-Preference-872 Is Berserk a good manga for salarymen?

Is it suitable to read for salarymen?
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2021.10.28 08:02 ami-9 doodles and procrastination

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2021.10.28 08:02 denyyobt Instagram share post by denyyobt#0931

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2021.10.28 08:02 blackmagikmike "But it's me: Moe! Wearing a sailor suit! Moe, with a lolly! It's so out of character!"

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2021.10.28 08:02 Ant_Diamond64 Disgusting indeed

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2021.10.28 08:02 rubybrrr My grandpa is having heart failure, they just moved him to ICU, need support from anyone

ICU is helping him breathe, he’s 74 w diabetes but strong and healthy before symptoms flared up. ICU is a good thing right because it forces him to breathe
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2021.10.28 08:02 swiftlylonelynovella WhaleZilla

🔥 whaleZilla| Stealth Launch| 1Trillion Supply |💸 Marketing | 💯 SAFU| BSC Token
👥Stealth Launch
💸1 BNB initial liquidity
🔥 3% Back to Liquidity
📊 6% Buy Back
💰 3% Added to Marketing
💣 Supply:
🔆New trend
💸Marketing Plan
🧠Safu 100%
📝Sell fee low
Tg: https://t.me/WhaleZilla
Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the good or service that the company provides. Think of them as you would arcade tokens or casino chips. You’ll need to exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency to access the good or service.
Cryptocurrencies work using a technology called blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manages and records transactions. Part of the appeal of this technology is its security.
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain system from the crypto-trading platform Binance. BSC is designed to provide a high-performance infrastructure for decentralised trading, building dApps, interoperability between other blockchains, and support of smart contracts and other DeFi products.
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2021.10.28 08:02 Aw3s0m3G4m3r ⠀⠀

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2021.10.28 08:02 Dramatic_Advisor_832 Exam in 3 weeks, which Amboss questions do you recommend?

I finished uworld and I want to keep solving questions but i'm limited on time. I was thinking of doing only 3-5 hammer questions.
What do you guys think? Do you recommend I do (1-3 hammers) or (3-5 hammers) ?
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2021.10.28 08:02 justlajusticeee Why pumpkin rewards disappear sometimes ? Is there a limited drop per day habby ?? :S

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2021.10.28 08:02 Wintersneeuw02 Any idea who this is?

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2021.10.28 08:02 Turbulent_Friend1551 What Big Oil knew about climate change, in its own words

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2021.10.28 08:02 i_eat_cockroaches69 Why is this happening

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2021.10.28 08:02 PlumbingT23 Happy Halloween !

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2021.10.28 08:02 Marcio_Suarez Gravis Finance Liquidity Migration Incentive Program. Liquidity Migration Live On Gravis Finance As It Plans To Launch Classic Yield Farming Pools

As a way to incentivize the liquidity migration, the platform has issued 100,000 Gravis Finance governance tokens ($GRVS), (A)steroid Mining NFT game ship parts, equipment, metal, and a chance for every migration participant to win a ship.
There are also other additional benefits to participating in the liquidity migration process. After successfully migrating liquidity to the Gravis Finance DEX, you can stake your Gravis Finance liquidity pools (LPs) in the farming pool of the platform and be rewarded with an extremely high annual percentage yield (APY). Please note that migration is currently live on BSC and Polygon networks.
How Liquidity Migration Works?
1- Users should go to the Migration tab on the Exchange page.
2-Once you click on the Migration tab, you will select the liquidity pool tokens you want to migrate from the list on the page.
3- Enter the number of liquidity pool tokens you want to transfer or click on “MAX” to enable you to transfer all your available LP tokens.
4- After you have that, click the “Approve” button and approve the transaction in your wallet to help you transfer the selected liquidity pool tokens from your wallet.
5- Click on the “Migrate” button and approve the transaction in your wallet in order to complete the migration.
6- To see your available liquidity, click on the Pool tab.
Check it out full Article
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2021.10.28 08:02 StreakyRazor Tmak Guru - Come Down

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