OP Underwear Fighter

2021.11.30 00:13 MarionClaude OP Underwear Fighter

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2021.11.30 00:13 4ndr1ck 18 y/o classmate, what do you think?

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2021.11.30 00:13 ThomasECarley Tattoo parlor recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for tattoo parlors that have artists that specialize in line work? I’m trying to do some my research of the SD parlors, but any first hand experience would be appreciated! Thanks!
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2021.11.30 00:13 representativesign03 Enlightenment keeps telling me ACPI doesn't work

On Gentoo and I've disabled all the relevant USE flags, but everytime I start E I get an error saying that I appear to be using an ACPI system, but it was unable to do anything with it.
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2021.11.30 00:13 SirRonaldBiscuit Picked up this bad boy, too bad waheed needs like 10 more levels to use it. Totally worth it tho right?

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2021.11.30 00:13 Birdman_1987 Problem while bringing gun up to hip fire

So as the title states im having an issue with bringing a gun up to hipfire. Im fairly new to DayZ so this could just be how the game is or theres a fix that I just dont know about. When i go to bring a gun up to hip fire I have to aim the gun way up into the air to get the hip fire cross hairs to line up with what im shooting at. If I aim the end of the gun at what im shooting at the bullets just go into the ground in front of me because thats where the crosshair shows up. If I aim down the sights everything is fine, but in a quick close fight where the hip fire is more useful I have to aim way up at the sky to the point where I almost cant see what im shooting at. Can someone please help a noobie out lolol. Thanks in advance
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2021.11.30 00:13 G3Lowden [Thanks] for my new sewing kit!

now I just need to eat all the cookies that came inside it.
You rock u/Bean-Tester!
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2021.11.30 00:13 DoctorAntagonist Rent's Due #5 11/2021

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2021.11.30 00:13 Shitstain-Pork 4 weeks. 18 years old. Can't let good genes go to waste now, can we?

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2021.11.30 00:13 CEO_of_Jizz This is going to sound really insensitive and maybe disgusting to some. Involving sexual life after having a baby.

My baby is over a year old now and he’s beginning to not want the breast milk. We have been replacing the food and such and he’s been taking to everything else just fine. That being said, when do I get to suck on some tiddy again? I’m not down for having a mouth full of milk with each bang sesh. I hate to put it so vulgar but my wife and I miss the crazy sex!
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2021.11.30 00:13 AceRbasH Get free apple stock when you sign up

Limited time offer: Open an account with Webull and get a free stock! Fund it with any amount and get one more! https://a.webull.com/8XVa2iq1oVMlupV55h
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2021.11.30 00:13 RAP040403 Loki is a cultured guy

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2021.11.30 00:13 Do_I_Need_Pants Does this ring give you +1 wisdom?

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2021.11.30 00:13 omitsudraws Meme builds

Comment your meme build that actually works somehow.
Rogue Mage Axe. Pos 3-4.
Early game:

  1. tango, orb of venom, 2 iron branch,1 salve.
  2. orb of corrosion, phaseboots or travels (after armlet in midgame)
  1. Battle Hunger: Main skill, try to max it.

Mid game:
  1. Helm of iron will: Armor & regen.
  2. Armlet: Instead of the traditional vanguard this allows you to punish your targets even more and hunt alone.
  3. Yasha/Dagger: At this time you should go 10/0/5 and decide what your team needs, more damage or to initiate.
  4. Sange&Yasha: Better option than Kaya.
  1. +12 magic resist: Your mana pool is enough. (don't taunt waves like a noob)
  2. Second talent is up to you.

Late game:
If you haven't won at this time yet.
  1. ScepteBkb/Lotus: Scepter if your team has enough rightclick or your carry is farmed, bkb if lots of stuns, lotus for lots of target spells. Ez right?
  2. Basher.
  3. Swift Blink.
  4. Rapier: Just win already please.
  1. +20 regen
  2. +100 DPS Battle Hunger
  1. You have 8 sec cd taunt that gives you +30 armor, also battle hunger has 5 sec cd 12 sec duration, run everywhere while wearing your enemy down and profit, they get you?, taunt and escape.
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2021.11.30 00:13 cmgww Anyone here listening to Dan LeBatard’s show?? Bc Miami’s situation is much worse….calm down a bit, here is some context

So I’m an avid ND fan, and Dan LeBatard Show listener and with that comes a LOT of local Miami sports talk. They hired an ND grad, Jessica Smetana, who worked for Sports Illustrated and other outlets before joining DLS, so ND gets brought up a lot now….but that’s beside the point. They talk a lot of local sports, including the “U”…lol
Miami hasn’t been relevant since 2005 (and that’s pushing it). Yes they had the one good season in 2017 when they beat us….and promptly went on to lose the ACC title game big. It has been a debacle down there. Manny Diaz was supposed to bring them back to glory, and he hasn’t. They’re now trying to lure Mario Cristobal back to Miami from Oregon. Their athletic department is terrible and they just fired their AD. The school President promised to upgrade their facilities and get serious about hiring a real football coach….but the chatter right now is Diaz might stay on, with a 7-5 RECORD THIS YEAR!! With losses to FSU, UVA….my point is, don’t let this loss of Kelly get you down. Bc Miami is a shit show right now. AND!!!! Their President is under fire bc their academics have fallen off big time in the past 5 years. That’s important bc they used to be top tier in a lot of academic areas. Losing Kelly sucks but at least we aren’t Miami…just wanted to provide some context to this whole situation.
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2021.11.30 00:13 casey0617 she attac

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2021.11.30 00:13 blongstaff Just bought a 55r646. I pick it up tomorrow Should I use native apps or get a firestick 4k?

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2021.11.30 00:13 OperationDapper3565 Lotttery winner helping with debts

There is a post on Twitter of a man who won the NC lottery and is trying to help people with their debt. I just need a confirmation that this is a scam. I don't know if I can leave his name or email?
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2021.11.30 00:13 Naruto-Uchiha_ Kimono 👘

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2021.11.30 00:13 J_Minajx Starting to feel like I’m all I have

I never really have anyone to talk to and I can’t seem to find someone to create a friendship or bond with, at this point I’m not even sure why I have a phone in my life besides being on Reddit or listening to music. Dwelling on how I can’t find friends to do fun things with, it makes me so depressed that I’m so alone with my thoughts all the time. I messed up only having my happiness in someone who doesn’t give a damn about me anymore.
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2021.11.30 00:13 Honest_Refuse2578 TRAVAR ZAP

Quem conseguir travar,ganha um pix de 10 reais! 21 989131110 Quem travar,me manda msg lá no insta e o pix tbm. @szz_diego
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2021.11.30 00:13 Due_Distribution_574 You purposefully upvoted CummyBot9999?

Really? You think your some sort of Big Shot? You think you made a difference in the world? You didn't, CummyBot9999 is a Bot, a BOT, you think it has feelings? You think your some sort of Tolerant Liberal? You probably use Black emojis, No, Disgusting. I bet your a furry, a real Disgusting furry as well. You Disgust me. Don't speak to me again, or my Kin again, Mr. BIG shot CummyBot lover.
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2021.11.30 00:13 pup5581 Come on Pens....just one time for the dog parlay

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2021.11.30 00:13 ReasonPure I'm always horny😈🔥 Can you pacify me? 🔞

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2021.11.30 00:13 wellnessmgz002 They Said That Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is Good For You. Here Is What They Didn’t Tell You

They Said That Drinking Lemon Water In The Morning Is Good For You. Here Is What They Didn’t Tell You We are already aware that the consumption of lemon water in the morning is extremely beneficial. However, few of us are familiar with the exact benefits of this miraculous beverage.
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