Strong IKEA desk setup that can support a full-sized case/tower + dual monitors?

2021.11.29 23:53 JanuaryDynamite Strong IKEA desk setup that can support a full-sized case/tower + dual monitors?

By "strong", I mean that the risk of the table bending or flexing is really low or unlikely.
I've been considering IKEA but I have no clue what desk top + leg/support combo would work best.
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2021.11.29 23:53 criptolivros Ex-banqueiro do Citi lança fundo de criptomoedas de US$ 1,5 bilhão, e escolhe Algorand como primeira parceira - Cointelegraph Brasil

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2021.11.29 23:53 ScottSullivan1 Stair Master for Weight Loss? (Adult Male)

Hi. I am a 5'5" male that weighs 175 pounds. I am 24 years old. I gained quite a lot of weight in college. In high school, I was just 130 pounds and could basically eat whatever I wanted. That time is over, and I've realized that now.
My goal is to get back down as close to that 130 again. I already changed my eating habits about a week ago. I started going to Planet Fitness quite regularly. (Yes, I know for all you gym purists out there, that's a disgrace. It's cheap, and I don't need anything too fancy.) While building some muscle would be nice, that is NOT my focus right now. I want to lose my giant gut and double chin.
I only do three machines when I'm there. I do the curl machine for my biceps, the crunch machine for my abs, and the bench press for my chest. I know, I know. That's nothing. Like I said, I don't care about muscles as much. It burns calories, yes. But I hate doing it and would rather stick with cardio.
Most of my time at the gym is spent doing cardio. I used to do a 1-hour 4.0mph walk at a steep incline. Yesterday, I decided to give the stair master a try... and oh, boy... did that thing kick my butt!
My question is: If I were to ONLY do the stair-master machine for 5 days a week (in combination with my new eating habits), would I lose weight? How fast would I lose it? How long should I do that for?
Thank you!
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2021.11.29 23:53 xclord Fear Breeds Opportunity

Getting in when others are getting out can be profitable. We've heard from people who feel like this looks like NIO. I'm reminded of SIRI. I bought SIRI when everyone thought it was going to go bankrupt for like 0.40/share. To date, it's my best gain by percentage, but it didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.
This is not advice.
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2021.11.29 23:53 Meleesaur_ throwing in comp games

how is this kid not permabanned? he is throwing comp games on purpose. should be hardware banned. I consistently get throwers in my comp games. if someone gets reported for throwing is there not a replay somebody can wacth to fucking permaban people like this?
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2021.11.29 23:53 Formal-Editor4165 pov podcast search

please for the love of god. i’ve been racking my brain trying to remember this podcast that was mentioned in passing in another one i listen to (“And that’s why we drink”, if u care).
they explained that it was a podcast that has episodes labeled that set scenes as like a POV or something similar where it’s labeled “you’re sitting in a speakeasy in 1920s new york” and it’s just the background noise of that scene, as if you were there. i hope i explained it well enough to get some valid answers 😭😭😭
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2021.11.29 23:53 Watercress-Budget Please understand- From an unvaccinated Kiwi

I am 14 years old and I am unvaccinated. It's not my choice, it's my parents and they got it but decided I shouldn't because there is a risk of heart disease In young boys. I just wanted to ask everyone to please remember that we are all actually new zealnders. Kids at school have completely stopped talking to me and as of December 3rd I can no longer go to 3 birthday parties I was invited to. I can't go out with friends or go to my modeling store. But even though Im unvaccinated I'm still a human and I wish people would stop acting like because of that I should be ostracized from society. I know many people have it alot worse but it just sucks. Please understand that not everyone who is unvaccinated I'd a tinfoil hat theorist. For some it is not their choice, some want to wait to let it play out a little but all of them are humans. I know this will get downvoted to hell but I thought I should say my 2 cents
EDIT: first, this blew up like hell. Okay so there are loads of comments saying various stuff and I just want to put some clarifications. I do want to get the vaccine. I just can't. My brothers (17, twins) are vaccinated. Mum and dad said it was their choice. Mum and dad (51, 50) are vaccinated. We are fully done on everything else. We are not anti vax at all my PARENTS are anti COVID vax. Thanks for reading- stay safe y'all.
Also I tried to just crosspost from my post in the NZ covid sub but any time I tried reddit crashed so I just copy pasted it.
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2021.11.29 23:53 Equivalent_Coyote_42 Need 2 more for Party Pay

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2021.11.29 23:53 TheP00ThatTookAPee When you are 3 cars behind a car used in a bank robbery on the Triboro Bridge. Then this happens, 17/18 shots fired. Thankfully no Police or innocent bystanders were seriously injured!

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2021.11.29 23:53 Iridachroma Enhanced Magic System (EMS). Where can I read up the changes made?

Just a little bit of background, I'm doing a playthrough in the Aielund Saga as a Cleric. I chose the Trickery Domain for Improved Invisibility only to discover it's not anywhere near vanilla NWN and that's because the module uses EMS. I downloaded the EMS zip from Neverwinter Vault in hopes that there's .txt log with the changes made. There is one but it seems not all of them are documented. Is it possible to read them up in the .hak file itself? How would I do that? Or maybe I can find documentation of the changes somewhere else? I appreciate the help!
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2021.11.29 23:53 cannycandelabra Question for a friend about the affordable care act.

I have a neighbor who does not Reddit. Let’s call her Marie. She has no income and, at this time she cannot get a job because she is recovering from a stroke. We live in North Carolina where there is no expanded Medicaid.
Marie says when she goes on the ACA website, after applying all credits, her lowest possible premium is $598 per month. Since she has no income she cannot sign up for that.
Is she doing something wrong or is there really nothing at all for her?
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2021.11.29 23:53 teddywarner UPDI Serial Programmer

Hello! Just finished up a hardware UPDI serial programmer board, the ftdi2updi! The board is my take on the required rewiring between serial UPDI programming and serial monitoring, it offers a physical switch between the two functions, streamlining the UPDI programming and Serial Monitoring processes on one board. The programmer runs alongside the megaTinyCore library, and all Gerber and eagle files are included in the project repo, linked at the bottom of the page below.
Check out the project! :) -
The page documents the megaTinyCore library, its installation process, jtag2udpi and serial updi programming styles, along with two iterations programmer of a hardware UPDi serial programmer.
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2021.11.29 23:53 unpink Girlfriend of 1 month is having doubts about us. Not sure what to do and if it's over. (20F/24M)

Text messages
Hi, looking for advice on whether this relationship is basically done or if there's a chance to salvage it, and if so, what I should do.
I've (master's student, 24M) been seeing this girl (college sophomore, 20F) for a couple months now and she's been officially my girlfriend for just under a month now. At the beginning she seemed like she was super into me, but the past 4 days while I was out on a trip with family she basically almost ghosted me (well...not quite but she took a significantly longer time than usual to open my snaps, didn't respond much to texts, and just in general distanced herself from me). I thought something might be going on so I was going to ask her when I saw her today but she came out and said she's having doubts about us. I mentioned that I'll give her time to think it through, but now I'm wondering if that was the right move.
Is this still salvageable or does it look like it's probably over and she's just letting me down easier? If it seems like there's still a good chance, should I just let her think things through on her own, or should I ask her to instead talk things through with me in a couple days?
Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the advice!
tl;dr Not sure if girl wants to end things or if I still have a chance, and if so, not sure what to do.
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2021.11.29 23:53 Illustrious-Swan-179 Boost

Hi, really quick.. I have Lexington law removing items from my credit report, 6 items have been removed this month with 11 pending. Both my credit cards are under 10% utilization on top of that my mom added me as a authorized user to about 4 of her credit cards which remains under 5% utilization. My current score as far as Lexington law app is concerned is 563. Credit karma shows 526 and Experian shows 527. My question is with consideration that all of this has been done this month, being added as a authorized user, having CC balances lowered to under under 10% and 6 items being removed; should I expect a huge increase in my score by sometime December? Is Lexington law more accurate then Credit karma and Experian? Any help would be much appreciated.
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2021.11.29 23:53 Boring-Revolution171 The How To's

I wanted to start a thread about some how to's on the following topics that include linked information that will help the American worker to

  1. Organize the workplace
  2. Make informed purchasing decisions
  3. Mobilize political action to support the right to organize and labor protections
  4. Assert their autonomy in the workplace and have effective communication when faced with a work-life dilemma
  5. information on how to reduce the amount you work as much as possible while still making ends meet
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2021.11.29 23:53 ghosthamlet [D] Are there any research using chaos theory to study Deep neural network?

I just know and reading this book: Emergence: From Chaos To Order (, but it just studied simple shadow neural network, Are there any research using chaos theory to study Deep neural network?
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2021.11.29 23:53 Saxmuffin My fiancé said I wouldn’t be able to get her anything she wanted from GameStop for Christmas……

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2021.11.29 23:53 burgerking_foot 100 Year Old Population Density Map

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2021.11.29 23:53 little_blu_eyez Cloudy Water

I’m having a tough time getting this tank to stay clear. When I first got it I never had a problem. I moved across town and now it is always cloudy. I’ve had the water tested at different places as everyone says it great. It is a 6 gallon tank with 4 actual fluid gallons. Fishy (yep, that’s his name) appears to be happy. Swims quite a bit. Eats well. Plays peek a boo inside his floating log or under the zombie hand decor. Usually there is a bubble nest somewhere.
Things I have tried: water exchange, new filter, waste control liquid, cycle liquid, quick clear liquid (the only thing that works but only temporarily). Those liquids I have tried dosing together and tried one at a time.
tank water
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2021.11.29 23:53 Birdbrain-vai Is this a sign of emotional abuse, or am i overreacting?

My mom's BF has a habit of laughing in a scoffing, derisive kind of tone when me or my mom show interest in certain things like nature, art, or sometimes just general conversation, but then says its because he finds it "cute" or that he "likes how excited we get about (thing)". He also sighs extremely loudly whenever a conversation with my mom gets heated, repeatedly and so loud i can hear it across the house and talks over her, saying "stop stop stop" and then denies raising his voice. It annoys me and comes across as very immature and invalidating, but i can't find any answers online as to whether sighing or laughing can be abusive?? It's different from his normal laugh or sigh but i'm not sure if it's just me. Please help!
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2021.11.29 23:53 faireduvelo My experience in the construction field.

The average wage for a construction laborer in my state, California, is $18.27/hour. I earn $20, and I live in an expensive area. Recently I’ve been doing work on the clerical side and learned that my boss charges the large company we (small business) work for $55.00/hour for a laborers work. They pay these invoices every week, upon which you’ll also find the Project Manager charging $105.00/hour for his time, plus costs of all material and gasoline and anything he can charge to the large company: today I worked 8 hours in the office working on clerical work for two projects, so each was charged for 4 hours of my time today. The kicker is that at the bottom of the invoice you’ll find a 10% addition to the charge for “overhead and profit.”
The company makes $35 profit each hour I work! Do they need 10% profit on purchasing gasoline for both company trucks? Kind of a strange thing to learn.
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2021.11.29 23:53 ramdhakal10 Top high short squeeze potential stocks: November 30, 2021 - PPSI, PTPI, NEGG, RNXT, BBIG

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2021.11.29 23:53 Terrible_Thing1422 Todays video was insane‼️

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2021.11.29 23:53 JVtaurus After the initial scam

After the funds are gone and the person who scammed you is gone, is the wallet safe to use? I tried to eliminate the contract on, but it took a long time to load and while the contract is no longer listed there I am concerned the rest of my crypto is at risk. Any experience?
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2021.11.29 23:53 hraefn-floki If you need a reference where the 1 st inuit came from, here it is!

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