Why does it feel that people’s eyes don’t match with their face in mask?

2021.12.06 20:57 False_Process_2473 Why does it feel that people’s eyes don’t match with their face in mask?

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2021.12.06 20:57 Milkmouthkid Stader pool choices which one are you picking

Which pool out of the three are you picking? Does it really matter?
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2021.12.06 20:57 taytaylundin ITAP of a train in the winter

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2021.12.06 20:57 Sehhbiibread_m8 Dt770 80 or 250 with onboard vs dac/amp?

I plan to get the dt headphones for gaming but im not sure if i should get the 250 over the 80 since I think onboard audio maybe sucks so i would get an external dac/amp to get better audio but at that point i might as well get the 250 since i have amp.
The hifiman sundara looks good for a future upgrade but ill get that later since its open back like the 990 and maybe the closed back would be best for me until i live by myself
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2021.12.06 20:57 AdStraight8744 Transformers animated ratchet getting in the Christmas mood

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2021.12.06 20:57 amala83 211206 Dexerto: TikTok reveals top TikTokers of 2021 — Khaby Lame, BTS, more

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2021.12.06 20:57 PTSDJedi1138 GWAR - I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)

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2021.12.06 20:57 Morganbanefort FWI CHALLENGE: Have Pat Toomey become president around 2028 or 2032

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2021.12.06 20:57 Chamois_Hagar Not a field pic, but this followed me home during a scouting mission. If the Gods made a smarter, more elegant bikepacking solution, they kept that to themselves. Always wanted an 1120. Love bikepacking, not fond of the “hillbilly hang” of dangling gear. Stoked to find one.

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2021.12.06 20:57 elite9765 I (18) have no confidence, social skills, wits, or anything going for me. I just wanna end my life...

I am in Manhattan bryan park as I type this.
All my life I've struggled with confidence and self esteem issues.
Today I walked around times Square with my family and the amount of people and the way people talk just intimidates me. They're not rude but I can't help but feel so nervous and at a loss for words. When I do manage to say something I don't say it very loudly and people can't hear me.
It's difficult for me to stick up for myself and speak assertively and I often stumble on my words and thoughts.
In Manhattan, there were attractive women almost everywhere. I walked past this one beautiful redheaded girl and I was in absolute awe at how pretty she was. I feel like I am not worthy of these attractive girls and like I won't be able to help them and be there for them when things get tough. I can't even have a decent conversation with them. I tried talking to this attractive mature woman who was selling at a jewelry stand and I felt so nervous and had no idea what to say.
I went to the bathroom and there was this worker there that was managing the long line for the bathroom and I went to the stalls to pee but it they occupied so I used the urinals instead and he told me "come on make up yo mind" and I felt so upset and anxious.
I don't have much wits and I am diagnosed with ADHD and depression and OCD. I even have a hard time paying attention to mundane things like walking and I end up getting lost in my thoughts.
I just don't know what to do or where to start? I wish I could be a strong independent intelligent man...
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2021.12.06 20:57 ballb33 Cat Karate

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2021.12.06 20:57 denkhetnietneef Carefully picked Projects

ShibaPad offers only carefully inspected project in many ways, therefore the verify the contract, capability of that particular team, and they try to introduce innovative projects.
It is great Shibapad does check the verification because it is important to check these projects in the fight against fraud, Digital identity verification is an important part of crypto companies arsenal, providing the information needed to quickly spot and stop fraudsters at scale, while delivering the seamless and secure experience that users now expect when trading online. Identity verification is also required in order to use Swap, Buy/Sell, and the Rewards Account in the Wallet, and for the Exchange!
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2021.12.06 20:57 jookco Argyle director Peter Jones Death - Dead - Obituary News : Continuing the sad news, we were sorry to hear of the passing of former Argyle director Peter Jones. Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.06 20:57 EB171215 just wanted to share one of my old paintings

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2021.12.06 20:57 CouTHeBoss Premier League Matchday Extra Live - 6th December 2021

Soccercatch | English | 58:04 | 720p
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2021.12.06 20:57 tremululu anyone else genuinely frightened with england’s direction?

with stuff like leaving the eu, tightened border control, landlords being told to basically blackmail tenants with deportation if they don’t have the correct scraps of paper, not much concern given to nationalist hate groups (some being encouraged), passport confiscation, privatisation of the nhs, opposition to scottish independence, islamophobic tripe being sent through my letterbox from local politicians, fences around parliament and general suppression of protest, the labour party being without any sort of class consciousness, covid concern being weaponised against minorities stoked on by tories and landlords making entire areas unliveable for average people. i’m starting to get very concerned with how the country is going and everyday fascism feels like it’s just around a dark corner, waiting to march out and while this is happening people are joking about how silly big “bj” bojo is. mans is worried and regardless of your leaning, anyone opposed to fascism should stay vigilant.
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2021.12.06 20:57 ierodd Rate me? 1/10

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2021.12.06 20:57 jookco Father William J. Fulco Death - Dead - Obituary News : Generations of Loyola Marymount University alumni are mourning the loss of Father William J. Fulco, S.J., Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.06 20:57 musicboi86 should i update colleges if i got an honor?

Hi, I was wondering whether I should update colleges I have applied to if I got an award (National YoungArts Winner). Will it show demonstrated interest?
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2021.12.06 20:57 dro0l My Cat is Rolling Around in Her Box

When my cat was a kitten she would roll around in her box, the litter I used during that time was FreshStep/SoPhresh (Petco brand). She stopped and seemingly grew out of it even while using those brands again, however I recently got Pretty Litter and she started rolling around again. Is there any way to prevent it and any reason why they do this?
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2021.12.06 20:57 battle_shaft1 Anyone got andys for an ist?

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2021.12.06 20:57 Tman_03 My 1001 Movies Discord (xpost from r/cinema)

Hi! Me and my IRL bestie have a Discord where we watch 1001 movies and talk about them. Problem is he's been busy, and I really wanna get the show started, no pun intended. It's based on a fan improvement to the list that goes to 2021, btw. I will not post the actual list. Instead, I will post in #announcements every week a song or short video and the people in the server have to guess by the end of the week. Sounds like fun?
Here it is: https://discord.gg/EBGaQG4X
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2021.12.06 20:57 Lazereyes1996 Still a work in progress, Coilovers going on in the spring

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2021.12.06 20:57 Izzaakk111200 The update is amazing!

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2021.12.06 20:57 Updog42069420 How can I help feel emotions more?

Really one of the only symptoms I get from this is that I have trouble feeling or identifying emotions. I feel like I never feel anything, happy, sad, or even horny. Then I start worrying about my feelings so much that I can’t stay present in conversations
How can I better ground myself and start to feel emotions again?
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