Optimus Water Cooling - Shipping times for "in-stock " blocks?

2021.12.06 21:06 trust9k Optimus Water Cooling - Shipping times for "in-stock " blocks?

Does anybody have any experience with Optimus shipping times? I ordered a Intel Signature Block that was noted as "in-stock" a week ago. No updates, no communication when I try to reach out. Absolutely nada. This is holding up my build and extremely frustrating
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2021.12.06 21:06 Extacts [US-HI][H] LNY Red Voice65, White KBD67 Lite, Ikki68 Mint, L+F Tangerine 67g, Kiwi [W]Paypal

LNY Red Voice65 $600 Shipped or $550 Local

KBD67 Lite White $135 Shipped OBO
Ikki68 Mint Stock $210+shipping OBO
x92 Tangerines 67g $90 Shipped
x70 Kiwis $45 Shipped
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2021.12.06 21:06 concretebeats Always look on the bright side of life=)

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2021.12.06 21:06 BuIgarian Medical Start Ups

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well. Check out this interview with Dimitar Georgiev, MD, PHD who was the leading Gynecologist in Bulgaria during the communist regime. Since then he moved onto becoming a top leader in the Med Tech start ups. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts! https://youtu.be/mg5V0aqZ9sE
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2021.12.06 21:06 ___butthead___ No one cares about Josh's Mac devices, oh my god

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2021.12.06 21:06 sophiepiatri Axial flux motor windings in a corless BLDC

The coils in an axial flux are usually triangular with ferromagnetic material in the center of the coil
In a coreless design this ferromagnetic material is not needed, so would it be better to fill the inner area of the trianglar coil with copper
Meaning to have a full coil with negligible space in the center
Wouldnt that provide better torque density and stronger electromagnetic field when compared to a coil with an empty inner area?
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2021.12.06 21:06 grandpaboombooom translate this note a student left in my classroom?

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2021.12.06 21:06 Eva_Rose27 Hypocrite

My mom doesn’t let me or my brother smoke in the house anymore for whatever reason, it’s cold af outside neither of us want to be outside for too long because we don’t want to get sick. When she and her husband can smoke in the basement where it goes up through the vents and stinks up the whole house. I don’t smoke often, they smoke everyday.
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2021.12.06 21:06 WellisCute If you had 500 bucks, how would you upgrade this build

  1. i5 12600k
  2. Gigabyte z690 UD DDR 4
  3. 16GB 3200 cl16 (some cheap G. Skill RAM)
  4. RTX 2070
  5. 970 Evo 1TB / SN550 500GB / 1TB WD Blue HDD
  6. Be Quite 600W semi modular power supply
  7. H510
  8. Noctua NHU 12S
What I’m thinking is:
  1. Buying a 32 4x8GB of 3600 cl16 Vengeance Pro Kit (cus RGB)
  2. Getting a 850w power supply for future GPU upgrades
  3. Getting a x63 kraken AIO to OC my 12600k
  1. Getting a 3070ti
Do you have any other suggestions?
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2021.12.06 21:06 Gekkomoria New setup question

Do I need to download a program or do anything in windows once my Headphones and stack are set up on my PC?
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2021.12.06 21:06 AceChay H: Fasnacht Brahmin & Deathclaw Mask W: Weapon or Apparel offers

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2021.12.06 21:06 gamethread-scraper AEW Dark: Elevation Episode 40 Discussion Thread (x-post /r/SquaredCircle)

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2021.12.06 21:06 Doctor_Carnage My Nidus Prime ready for the New War

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2021.12.06 21:06 BlSm13 Michael is in witness protection

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2021.12.06 21:06 cunz51 Blemish under Sacagewa eye in silver proof set

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2021.12.06 21:06 Raggynar learn about real estate

Anyone have any recommendations for online classes where I can learn about real estate investing in Canada. Stuff like the different loans and what not would be nice.
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2021.12.06 21:06 Zatheroger Guide for returning player?

I quit playing back when Staff Laevatein came out in 2019. Any way to catch up to the new modes and mechanics? Thanks
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2021.12.06 21:06 Jade_fap Wie is van België en is geil

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2021.12.06 21:06 ToxI3c240hrs g635

i need help with my mic on discord when i watch something on Youtube or twitch it will randomly stop working can any one help me pls
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2021.12.06 21:06 Own-Challenge4137 New collab out-3 FELONIES

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2021.12.06 21:06 Dapper_Ad_4560 Maybe someone can answer this question

My symptoms have been relatively mild considering. Today I've noticed a little weazing in my chest a a wet cough. I'm on day 10. Is this a good thing or bad thing. I still have no fever and my oxygen is holding at 95-96. I just keep seeing all these stories of people taking a turn for the worst. Any advice would be much appreciated
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2021.12.06 21:06 IIIINIGHTIIII Flight canceled email but still showing as scheduled on KLM's site

As the title says, I woke up to a nice little email saying my return trip from AMS to KIX on Jan 8th has been canceled. When I look into changing the reservation, it looks like the flight is still as scheduled. Is this a common thing? What normally happens? Will the site be updated? Did I get the email by mistake? Should I wait before attempting to rebook?
Thanks for any and all input!
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2021.12.06 21:06 Aromatic_Talk1315 👾 💎 $CCG - Crypto Crush 💎 👾 | Presale Soon 🔥 | Active Whitelisting Competition 🏆 | Play2Earn NFT Game 💸 | Audit in progress ✅

Hey Guys, I've got something huge for you guys, let me tell you about it, you definitely don't want to miss this, that's for sure! 💥
General Information (tl;dr below): So, it's about a Play2Earn NFT game called Crypto Crush, which launches in combination with its own token and therefore offers a lot of possibilities for you to multiply your investments. The game itself is built like a modern Match3 game like Candy Crush, but with a few more different game modes, such as multiplayer and tournaments and a lot more content. Within the game, NFTs can be unlocked and, thanks to Play2Earn, the token can be earned at the same time too. The NFTs can be traded on Crypto Crush's own marketplace with players, collectors and investors from all over the world. Other than that, these NFTs can also be used in the game, for example to customize your player profile and stuff like that.
tl;dr: Crypto Crush is a Play2Earn mobile game with an included independent token, which are both very promising!
🟣 Since the project has just gone public, but is neither already launched, nor have they already had the presale, you still have the opportunity to be part of it right from the very beginning! 🟣
The whitepaper has already been published, you can take a look at it here, these are the (great) Token Metrics though:

Allocation Total Supply Percentage
Play to Earn Pool 100,000,000 20%
Presale Pool 150,000,000 30%
Staking Pool 125,000,000 25%
Game Development 50,000,000 10%
Marketing Campaigns 50,000,000 10%
Airdrop Campaigns 10,000,000 2%
Team and Advisors 15,000,000 3%
Total Amount 500,000,000 100%
Most important information:
Crypto Crush is about to be audited by CoinScope.co, the finished result will be announced as soon as its fully done, probably within the next 5-6 business days. A CertiK audit is already planned, including a KYC of the Founder and Co-Founders. There will be more information about this in the Telegram group on a regular basis! 📑
🎉 There currently is a huge raffle for whitelisting spots for the presale and you can also win 1 of 10x One of One "Crushies" (NFTs), each completely customized and brought into the game according to the winners' wishes. As "One of One" already implies, each of these 10 NFTs will only be available once. The winners can then either keep it or sell it for high prices on the Crypto Crush marketplace! More information in the Telegram group! 🎉
🧨 Also, there is an active shilling contest with a prize pool of 50 $BNB running right now too! 🧨
Last but not least, some more information about the current/future plans:
Here is a list of all the social's, most importantly, the Telegram Group: 📖 Website: https://cryptocrush.app 🌐 Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocrushgame 🌐 TG Announcements: https://t.me/cryptocrushnews 📮 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoCrushGame 🎃 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/cryptocrush/ 📰 Medium: https://cryptocrush.medium.com/ 👾 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/k58aVyJZVm 📷 Instagram: https://instagram.com/cryptocrushapp 📘 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Crypto-Crush
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2021.12.06 21:06 Antiliani What have you recently improved about yourself?

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