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H: blood eagle skull out fit and head W: offer

2022.01.27 17:52 Yapoorha H: blood eagle skull out fit and head W: offer

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2022.01.27 17:52 SPARTAN-3485432 Hola

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2022.01.27 17:52 amaniceperson6 Kanye IG story

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2022.01.27 17:52 SoKawaiiGirl Background checks

Okay so I was extended an offer for a job at a hedge fund as an admin with potential to growth. They said the offer was pending on my background check which includes a criminal one. Back in college in 2013 I had a terrible break up (TLDR he broke up with me after 7 years of being together then was harassing me and I was coping with drinking a lot) I ended up getting a DUI, drunk in public, possession of marijuana, and a petty theft charge that in 2013 through the beginning of 2014.

How fucked am I? I know you cant tell me for sure if I will be disqualified but I just want advice and some encouragement. I really want this job and I am a completely different person from then. I don't have any felonies and it was 8-9 years ago. so at least I have that going for me?
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2022.01.27 17:52 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Joe Biden to nominate black woman for Supreme Court justice ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.27 17:52 askmeaboutmyrats I have no hobbies

I'm posting for the first time and english is not my first language so I would like to apologyze in edvance. This is not a joke, I never in my entire 22 years of existence had a real hobby and it's really depressing. I forced myself to practice things that are i percive as popular but still fit my introverted personality like reading and drawing but I can't really stick to anything, after a short time it just feels like a chore. I feel really bad about this and I'm scared of small-talk because at some point you ask the other person something like "what do you do in your freetime?" and I have no idea what to say. I often lay around and ask myself why I can't enjoy anything and end up blaming my childhood-trauma but I'm scared I'm just making excuses and it't just me being boring. I feel like an empty shell and I would really like to change it but I don't know how. Sorry for the rant but it just hit me again and it felt good getting it of my chest so thank you for reading if you came that far
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2022.01.27 17:52 Kelricmar Commenting “this” is annoying.

If you agree with something that’s all fine and dandy, but commenting “this” adds absolutely nothing to the conversation. Most people don’t care if you agree with something you randomly read on Reddit. Now I will add more text so this post doesn’t get removed for not having enough characters. I fully expect people to comment “this” under this post.
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2022.01.27 17:52 Ryukishi08 Help! Yakuza 5 remastered PC: The game crashes when I talk to dude to go to fight Amon

So...I was playing Premium adventure and I got ready to go fight Amon. But the game keeps crashing when I talk to dude in black suit in serena bar. Did someone had the same issue?
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2022.01.27 17:52 EndermanGamer759 Mu dog is weird today

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2022.01.27 17:52 chungleesome I got a u1000 and p1754 code and my trans is not shifting correctly any ideas on how to fix?

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2022.01.27 17:52 destructo97 Is there any mod for Indian National Team for fifa22?

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2022.01.27 17:52 Shmirko What y'all think Donda 2 will be like lyrically?

Donda is still his mother so dropping a sequel to the Donda album seems kinda strange already, but idk what he'll be rapping about. Y'all think he'll stick to the Donda theme and praise his mother, or are you expecting more divorce bars and disses towards Pete and other people (If the record even drops AND with that name)?
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2022.01.27 17:52 Sieur_Moy What even is simping really?

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2022.01.27 17:52 _Hey-Vsauce_ Decided to draw Basil smoking a bong (canon).

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2022.01.27 17:52 hesonnfire Moneybagg Yo x BIG30 x Pooh Shiesty Type Beat "Red Alert"

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2022.01.27 17:52 beemer2345 Ap class credit questions

I passed AP GOVERNMENT ABD POLITICS and AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE exams in high school. Does that waive any gen Ed credits? And what about AP Statistics (currently enrolled)
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2022.01.27 17:52 mklx99 Driver's seat upgrade?

Hi HRV community: I have a 2019 LX, and so fare have been really enjoying it. The only problem is the driver's seat's not super comfortable / a bit hard. Do you have any recommendations for upgrades / fixes? I'll take anything ranging from cushions / covers to swapping out entire seats. Thanks!
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2022.01.27 17:52 rickybobarry Are QB's worth more in Dynasty Best Ball formats?

In most standard 1qb dynasty leagues, the QB position has usually been valued a little different than in SF leagues; However in these 1qb dynasty best ball formats, I feel like you need to draft more QB's in volume and/or at least value them similarly to SF formats. For example, we just wrapped up our first season and the winner from last season drafted like 10 late QB's in that format (i.e. he had guys like Jimmy, Ben, Heinecke, Mills, etc). Should I be drafting more QB's even though it's a 1qb format?
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2022.01.27 17:52 FxllinqSinz W/F/L? they also added candy set after

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2022.01.27 17:52 dwaxe Announcing a special opportunity for food writers

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2022.01.27 17:52 H0ust0n713Tex E-Girls to I-Ladies

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2022.01.27 17:52 Guts1803 Which Tekken version to buy?

Me and my brother want to buy Tekken 7 on g2a but we don't know if we should go for the ultimate edition or deluxe edition. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.27 17:52 RockSaltLampp I have heard people say that in a FWB, eventually one person will always catching feelings. Do you think this is true?

I kinda like my FWB and I think he is going to eventually fall for me. He sets clear boundaries in our relationship and I think it might be because he knows he will catch feelings if he does not. Any thoughts?
I think he just does not want a relationship right now but will…
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2022.01.27 17:52 Guayomedina Ready Issues - Party Member Preloading - Leaving Party after Every Game

I am trying to play solo and I keep getting this ''Party Member Preloading'' message or if I am in a party I have to leave the party after every game to be able to get ''Ready''.

Any Suggestions?
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2022.01.27 17:52 CrystalSkull20136 Anyone know much about the Parker Adams LLC at Paty hall?

I’ve tried checking out their Facebook and Twitter accounts but it seems they haven’t been updated in years. Do you know anyone who did this, and did they enjoy the experience? Thanks!
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