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I’m staying warm while my beverages remain as cold as the Rockies

2022.01.27 16:57 DRUNKTENNIS I’m staying warm while my beverages remain as cold as the Rockies

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2022.01.27 16:57 hutzdog1 Is democracy the antithesis of capitalism

Hi all,
This is my first post here, but I just wanted to ask about a thought I came across while working on a US Government class. I found that democracies appear to become increasingly prone to collapse when equality looses priority and national security takes focus. In capitalism, the incentive is to act on what benefits oneself most, even at the expense of others (increased military creating jobs and anchoring the nation in place, joining political parties to get one's own view further, hiring from the pool of those propped up by society while discriminating implicitly against those not already in a feedback loop, etc). Are these ideas not in direct opposition to each other, and does this not make the rule "democracy fails when capitalism gets involved" at least partially valid?
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2022.01.27 16:57 Beansbefore100 Me americunt derrr

Me americunt derrr submitted by Beansbefore100 to british [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 16:57 SoupOfTheDayIsBread Wish it had a “hardcore” mode

I’d play it exclusively. What if you had only one life per character in this game? Would add a whole new level of difficulty and play style. Not to mention the drama and adrenaline involved in that scenario. Sign me up.
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2022.01.27 16:57 DiarrheaDiarrheaLily M E L D

M E L D submitted by DiarrheaDiarrheaLily to startrekmemes [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 16:57 MapSufficient5599 I got COVID on vacation and was unable to return to Canada for 20+ days - can my employer use my vacation days for missed work?

Hi there!
So just a quick backstory. My girlfriend and I originally went to Mexico for a work improved 7 day vacation (my boss told me to take the vacation as my contract is renewing and I needed to use the days). While there I tested positive for COVID, so legally I had to wait 14 days from my positive test before flying back to Canada. On our last possible day before flying back home, my girlfriend received a positive result so we had to wait another 10 days (Canada changed the required days) before flying out.
Originally I was using 5 vacation days - but after the two positive COVID tests, we were stuck in Mexico for a total of 24 days. I asked my work for couple days off once I returned to physically & mentally collect myself, they in turn gave me one day and used a vacation day for that one day.
My boss has now asked for a meeting to go over my vacation days and how many will be used. We get 5 paid sick days and 3 unpaid a year.
My question is, legally are they allowed to use my vacation days for the days I was in isolation/not able to fly? How many days are they able to use?
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2022.01.27 16:57 BeigeListed Judge allows investigation of GOP fundraising platform to proceed

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2022.01.27 16:57 rsalura If you’ve finished Brice’s storyline (spoilers)

Did anyone else crack up about this? Y’all are lying there in post coital bliss and the sister runs in and they’re fighting and you flee… but you’re both still naked right? 🤣
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2022.01.27 16:57 Withendermite Nicknaming the Warden "William" should give it a red bowtie.

An definitely unnecessary extension to this would be to make a warden that has been nicknamed "William" spawn a cane and dance when the otherside music disc is played nearby.
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2022.01.27 16:57 HairlessApe Fauci: new federal 'Jumbo', XXX size anal swabs approved for TSA airport use

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2022.01.27 16:57 delfinvideotape DJ XPVoodoo 50's anniversary. Moscow | Aerodance Corporation

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2022.01.27 16:57 extreme-psycho Just packed Lorris, should I sell? Could really use a good EPL keeper. My current keeper is 74 rated. Thank you

Just packed Lorris, should I sell? Could really use a good EPL keeper. My current keeper is 74 rated. Thank you submitted by extreme-psycho to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 16:57 NotSoPerfectDad To the person who stole my anti-depressants...

I hope you're happy now.
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2022.01.27 16:57 iSuckAtGuitar69 What’s the problem with centrism and why do people call them racists?

I thought of myself as a centrist up until recently because while i’m definitely more left leaning i don’t like to call myself a liberal and agree with conservative views on some issues, but recently i’ve seen many comments or posts saying centrism is a mask for racism and if you say you’re a centrist you’re actually a right wing racist.
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2022.01.27 16:57 subduedtuna Could we get an official inch predication thread going for the fun of it?

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2022.01.27 16:57 RivaL999 How much of metal (kick) drumming is genetics/talent?

I always wonder how much genetics play a part in drumming high tempo stuff (16ths 200+ bpm).
Most of the songs i really would like to play along to are just not feasable for a "normal" guy. (Behemoth, Job for a Cowboy, Ulcerate, Hangar...)
Of course one might practise 4-6 hours a day for 20 years, but who can really go that deep. (professionals obviously...)
I have about 12+ years of drumming experience under my belt and roughly 2 years now serious practise with double pedals with metal focus. I get in about 1 hour every day. Sometimes might even be 2 hours, but never less than 30 mins.
I know the theory for different techniques (full leg, ankle, HT, swivel...) but even with cave man stomping its a slow slow progress. Nothing like i have ever experienced in the past with the practise for other drum stuff! I am pretty fit and have strong legs, but i guess athletic muscle is very different than fine muscles for twitching and endless repetitions. My quads literally get sore some times.
So what I am trying to say is that after almost 2 years I'm still stuck at clean 120bpm 16ths with my feet. I dont have any deadline, gigs or tracking sessions to be in a hurry for, but I just want to know if passing the 140bpm mark within 1 year is possible (for me)?
Otherwise this would be really discouraging and i dont know if I would want to keep on going in that field, if it only shows so little of progress. I would maybe go back to more groovey stuff, but this metal thing just seems like a highly attractive challenge. It also feels like that the (technical) skill cap for metal is so much higher than for Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop. 2 years of drumming practise in other parts would show huge improvements already! And yes guys yes i know its not just about who is the fastest, i know! But for metal as a genre it kind of is right, tight/fast/technical. I studied pocket/dynamics/finesse alot in the past so dont give me that talk :D
People say groove/pocket is alot about talent, you either have it or not! Do you think there could be something similar to that with speed? I am well aware that 220bpm is a far stretch for most people, but something like reaching 180bpm at least would be nice...
Whats your opinion on that topic?
One western guy could train for a marathon for 5 years, then there is some random african guy who can outrun you without having ever practised or followed a diet...
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2022.01.27 16:57 Neokittykat Manga Trade List 100s of manga anime for trade Berserk Red River Pluto Atrack on Titan Blackjack Macross Five star stories Ikigami

Looking to trade only. My wishlist is at the bottom. Pictures, also have pictures under my account. I trade on 2 other websites as well.
100% perfect girl vol. 5,6,8,10 G4
Alice country of hearts omnibus vol. 2 G4 may have vol 1 as well
Ai Ore 1-8 complete G5 like new
Ancient Magus bride G5 new
Amano artbook Faeries hardback G4
Amano artbook Tale of Genji hardback G4
Arata legend vol. 3 G4
Ao haru ride vol. 13 G5 new
Attack on Titan vol. 1-5
Attack on Titan no regrets full color new G5
Bakumon vol. 1-6 G5 some new
Barefoot Gen vol. 4,5 G4
Berserk vol. 16,18,22,27 G3-G4
Berserk vol. 30, 31,32 G5 new
Berserk vol. 39,40 new G5 pending out
Beauty and the beast girl new g5
Blackjack vol. 17 final G3
Blackjack vol. 5,7 G4
Biomega vol. 4 G5 new
Bride of the water God vol. 7,9 G4
Bunny drop vol. 5,7 G4
Butterflies flowers 2,3 G5 new
Captain Harlock vol. 1 hardback G5 new
Chi sweet home vol. 1 G4
Children of the Sea vol. 5 G5 new
Chocomimi vol. 3 G4 OOP
Crayon Shin chan vol. 1 G4
Crayon shin chan jpn vol. 1 G4
Cutey Honey Go omnibus G5 new
Cute Crossdresser G5 new
Dance till tomorrow vol. 2 G4
Dark Horse artbook MDHP vol. 3
Demon slayer vol. 2 new G5
Descending stories 1,2,3,4,5,6 G4
Devils Line vol. 1,2 new G5
Dont mess with miss Nagatoro 5 g5 new
Dragon goes house hunting vol. 1 G5
Dragons knight 7, 23 new G5
Dreamin sun 1,2 new G5
Emma vol. 3 hardback rare
Enchanted signed rare OOP
Fairytale battle royale vol. 1 G4
Five star stories 6,8,9,10 g3 ex library, only trade towards blackjack, or Inuyashki 10
Flower of Life vol. 4 G4 OOP
Fushigi yugi Vizbig vol. 1 G4
Fruits Baskets sticker collection new G5
Fruits Baskets ultimate edition 4,6 new G5
Girl from the other side 5 G5 new
Goong vol. 10 G4
Goong vol. 18 final G4
Great Catsby vol. 4,5 G5 new
Guardian angel getten mamonette 4,5 G5
Happiness vol. 1 G4 bought new but has shelf wear
Happy marriage vol. 2 G4
High school life Fudanshi 1 new G5
Honey Chocolate G4
Hormiya vol. 1 G5
Kare first love 3,4 G4
Kimi ni todoke 1-9,15-17,22 G4,G5
King of bandit jing twilight 1 hard g3 library
Kuma Miko vol. 1-4 new G5
IC in a sunflower G4
Ikigami vol. 10 final new G5
Junko Mizuno Little gigolo Pelu 1 G5 new
Jujutsu Kaisen vol. 11 new G5
Jujutsu Kaisen vol. 13 new G5
Junji ito Frankestein new G5
Junji ito Remina new G5
La Corda 13,14,15,16 G5 new OOP
La Satanica G4
Lament of the lamb vol. 3,5 new G5
Land of silver rain vol. 3 G4
Last uniform vol. 1,2 G4
Lily Claire romantic light novel G4 new rare
Love at Fourteen vol. 2 G4
Love for dessert josei G4
Love me and delicious food G5
Made in Abyss vol. 5 new G5
Manga sutra 2 new with recipe card
March story vol. 2 G5
Masamune-kuns revenge 2,3 new G5
Megaman megamix vol. 1
Megaman network 6,12,13 G4
Mandela and Velveteens G5 new
Mermaid melody pichi pichi 7 final G5 new
Mijeong G4
Missions of Love 1-8 G4-G5
Model vol. 1-7 complete G4
Monkey High vol. 1-7 complete G4
Monogatari boxset 2 with 4 novels new G5
Monster Musume 9,10,12 G5 new
Moriarity patriot vol. 1 new G5
Mushoku tensei 3,6 G5 new
My Hero Academia vol. 18 new G5
My Love Story vol. 1,2 G5 like new
My Monster Secret 2,3,4,6,7,8 G5 new
Necraholic G4
Not your Idol vol. 1,2 G5 new
Ooku inner chambers vol. 2,5 new G5
Omamori Himari vol. 6 G4
Orochi G4 OOP
Osamu Tezuka encyclopedia jpn G4
Overlord hardback vol. 1 new G5
Pandora crimson shell
Parasyte vol. 6,8
Parasyte mixxzine version vol. 8 G5 new
Peachgirl limited edition boxset 5-8 new g5
Please save my earth 3-13,16,17,19 G4 (only trade for wishlist items)
Pluto vol. 1,2 G4
Prince of Tennis vol. 11 G4
Ravina the Witch Junko Mizuna new G5
Red River vol. 1,3,7,11,14,15,17 trade for wishlist items
Red River vol. 12,13 G5 new
Robotech Macross archives collection 3 G4
Romeo X Juliet omnibus
Sailor Moon stars vol. 3 final G4
Sailor Moon V vol. 1 G4
Saturn Apartments vol. 2 G4
Say I love you vol. 1-4,6-9 G5 like new
Secretary's Love G4 new
Socrates in love new G5
Scums wish vol. 7 G4
Scumbag loser new unopened G5
Shomin Sample 2,8 new G5
Spy Family vol. 1,6 new G5
Starwars new hope
Starwars return of the jedi
Stepping on roses 4,5 G4
Story of Sauinkoku vol. 1,3 G4
So cute it hurts vol. 5,7,9 G4
Suppili omnibus 4,5 new G5
Sweetness & Lightning vol. 11 G4
Twin Spica 1-8,11,12 vol 2-4 ex library
Twin Spica vol. 12 G4
Vampire Hunter D manga 1,2,4, dvd( free)
Video girl Ai vol. 9 g5
Wanted from vampire knight creator G5
Way to Heaven G4
Whats michaels original non edited editions Whats michael fat cat in the city G3 Whats michael Ideal cat g3 What's michael Michaels mambo G4 Whats michael planet of the cats G4
Witch Atelier vol. 7 new
X2 G4
Yotsuba vol. 4 G5 new
Crayon shin chan 1
Data file 1999 voice actor encyclopedia (Has pictures of almost every voice actor from Sakura, Rayearth, Tenchi, Ranma, Inuyasha, Conan, Utena, Vampire miyu, Pokemon and way more.)
Futanari escape 1
Gaishu isshoku 1,2
Sailor Moon vol. 8 original OOP
Senpai wa deka-pai
Shima no oto
Society for the study of modern culture
Town where you live
Unknown girlfriend 1,2
Wake up Ms. Kusakabe 1,2
Watashi no euchi wa honey san 1
Doujin Ah my goddess read G4 jpn
Blackjack fanbook G4 jpn
Blackjack spaspa G4 jpn
Blackjack Visage G4 jpn
Neon genesis, Sailor Moon, Sentimental graffiti G4
Osamu tezuka fanbook jpn G4
Maka Maka vol. 1,2 complete english OOP G5
Silky whip G3
Anime mousepad free with any trade G2
Full metal alchemist bookmark promo
Full metal alchemist offical pocket watch and case
Hello kitty book new
Hetalia pin Britain
Home Alone 2 novel G5 new
Naruto bookmark shiny new
Pokemon cards new
Pokemon Jumbo cards
Pokemon Bulbasaur build a bear new talks
Princess Ai bookmark shiny new
Rave master bookmark shiny new
Sakura cardcapture weiss card box new
Sailor Moon cards
Sailor Moon jpn vintage stickers new
Sailor Moon jpn locket
Sailor Moon socks new Mars, Jupiter
Sister princess jpn cards
Sonic the hedgehog socks new
Spacellama offical artprints convention exclusives signed by Lilly chan
Tarot set Healing with Faeries
Trigun pin cat?
Ys ark of Naphtism limited edition pocket watch jpn
Wish List 🐦 *** most wanted and lw lower wants
Anime Bluray Sailor Moon Crystal season 3
Anime Bluray Sailor Moon R part 1
Anime Bluray Sailor Moon S part 2
Anime Bluray Sailor Moon Stars part 2
Anime Bluray Weathering with you
Anime figures Qposket figures
Animal crossing stuff
Animal Land vol. 13 pending in
Andromeda stories vol.2,3
Blackjack vol. 13,15 ****
Beast stars vol. 2,5,9+
Berserk deluxe vol. 6,9
Blue Morning vol. 8
Dark Crystal books or graphic novels
Dark Souls books, graphic novels or figures
Dengeki Daisy vol. 8,10
Dr. Slump vol. 7
Gacha Gacha next vol. 3,9,10,11
Inuyashki vol. 10 ***
Inuyasha vizbig vol. 7
Machimaho vol.7,8
Mermaid boys vol. 3
Pokemon cards newer and full art trainers
Rainbow & Black vol. 1-3
Rent a Girlfriend vol. 3,4,10 lw
Sweat n Soap vol. 3,4,6+ ***
Tropical fish yearn snow vol. 1,2,4 lw
Vagabond vizbigs vol. 2-6
Vinland Saga vol. 8,9,11+ ***
Witch hat Atelier vol. 4,5,6,9+
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2022.01.27 16:57 hotdogfluster No one ever spells Joel like Jole, or Joal.

Most names that can be phonetically spelled differently usually are. A perfect example is Sean. It can be Sean, Shaun, or Shawn.
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2022.01.27 16:57 SactoGamer Tahoe caps short-term rentals and Airbnbs as housing crisis continues

Tahoe caps short-term rentals and Airbnbs as housing crisis continues submitted by SactoGamer to tahoe [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 16:57 Uilyjeff Stop harping on wrestlers asking for advice

I don’t mind the “can you help me out“ questions as much as I get annoyed by the “ talk to your coach, not a bunch of strangers on the Internet” answers to them.
Some coaches absolutely suck. Other coaches teach at a remedial level and lose the advanced kids in the shuffle. We have an extra practice 2 days a week for MS and HS kids that is right after HS practice for wrestlers who want additional help. Typically it’s the same 6-10 kids in the room. They are the hammers. I know coaches around here that do not offer something like that. They teach at a level that is for “everyone” so as not to lose the beginners and season only. That would suck for the handful of wrestlers who have been doing it year-round their whole life.
Asking here should be ok… there is plenty of knowledge in this sub
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2022.01.27 16:57 daneagles Do promotions "work" at your large company?

I'm a senior developer at a large Fortune 100 company with around 5 years of experience. I feel like I won the lottery in terms of team selection - I have an awesome manager who genuinely cares about me and works with me on career goals, I have great relationships with my manager's boss (Sr. Manager) and even his boss (Sr. Director). I like the people on my team and I'm happy at the company.
I've been FTE here for just under 2 years and in that time I've only ever received stellar feedback from my manager, peers, and even managers from other teams that we work with. At the end of the first year I received a high performance review score that's reserved for something like 10% of the entire corporation. This resulted in a series of conversations with my manager that concluded with him agreeing that I was outperforming my current level. We came up with a list of several additional skills I could improve on and agreed that as long as I continued making progress on these skills, that I was due to be promoted to the next level.
He did warn me though that getting promoted as a developer in this company could be tricky due to HR and that he would do his best but I'd have to be patient. Since then, he has escalated this all the way up to our Sr. Director, who escalated it to our VP. I've had direct 1-1 conversations with everyone below the VP and each have told me in very direct terms that I was exceeding everyone's expectations, outperforming my level, and deserved to be promoted.
But it's now been the better part of a year since the promotion conversations started, and we're still just stuck waiting. The excuse this time is a new budget that may or may not open up headcount for our team, opening the role for me to be hired into. It's extremely hard to directly promote developers at this company, and oftentimes teams have to open a req for the new level and then "interview" the developer for it.
I'm starting to get frustrated with waiting for so long and in the meantime, this job is causing me a fair amount of stress. I get pinged by recruiters weekly which I've ignored until now, but I'm now seriously considering interviewing just to see what my options are. I do feel like I'm slightly underpaid relative to what I contribute to the team and I know that hiring is insane right now and there may very well be another company that will pay me what I think I'm worth today, not at some indeterminate point in the future. But at the same time, I genuinely believe that everyone in my org is trying their best to make this promotion happen, and I don't blame them for it, but it seems like HR just has a stranglehold on any promotions here.
Do you guys actually get officially promoted at large companies, or is everyone here just improving their skill level until they can interview elsewhere at the level they want? What would you do in my position?
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2022.01.27 16:57 secret-keeper369 Do I have a UTI?

I had sex two days ago and there's no redness of the skin or any physical signs but in the pubic area like the pubic bone area I guess you'd say the lower penis lol it feels a tad bit hot but not painful I'm going to the doc today but is this a UTI most likely ?
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2022.01.27 16:57 BobbyCostner The Glass House Tapes - Seems Pynchon has read it

I have just started reading this but it strikes me as something Pynchon has read. It's a true life account of a police informant in the 60s and 70s.
The glass house was referenced in Inherent Vice, the headquarters for surveillance work. It also mentions a computer that has everyone's information on, much like the one they talk about in Vineland. The main thing though is the idea of the book, of sending people undercover to disrupt counterculture groups which is very much the story in Vineland.
The main guy in it is black and they wanted him to help take down the panthers. This then got me thinking about Donald Defreeze and the kidnapping of Patti Hearst. Is that not a reference to the FBI theory that the Black Nationalists took Mickey Wolfman. Even Shasta going missing. I don't know. Just thinking out loud.
Anyway. The book is below if anyone is interested. I have not been able to find a hardcopy yet.
The Glass House Tapes
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2022.01.27 16:57 constructional_HK Vice President Lai arrives in Los Angeles en route to Honduras

Vice President Lai arrives in Los Angeles en route to Honduras submitted by constructional_HK to taiwan [link] [comments]