yfz9t k2dyy es35k 5598k tnsza 23tsd 2akh9 6y28e fd277 9229z 9sasb ad5ty 8fyhr ybafa end5i a5824 y2hye kzhee 6bkri 4an4f r8zt4 Did they remove the option to edit server profiles on mobile? |

Did they remove the option to edit server profiles on mobile?

2022.01.27 18:28 Retocyn Did they remove the option to edit server profiles on mobile?

I could've edit server profile bio on phone few days ago, but come today I try to do it and it's gone.
What happened?
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2022.01.27 18:28 SON_OF_DIDDY Lenin didn't understand matieral conditions dictate we need capitalism

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2022.01.27 18:28 Hurter_of_Feelings NPCs are struggling to turn Neil Young canceling himself into a win

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2022.01.27 18:28 hencethedrama 🟣 Another 22 for the pool from this Euroape (via IBKR)! 🟣

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2022.01.27 18:28 NemesisChildren 🔥 FREE NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 | JUST UPV0TE, F0LL0W TW1TTER & J01N DISC0RD!

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2022.01.27 18:28 BobSagoot32 Surface Pen Struggles (Please help)

Henlo all,
This is somewhat of a last resort, because I have exhausted all previous attempts to search up the solution and have only came up with dead ends. Long story short, I'm an artist who needs their pen working ASAP, my surface's pen tip (model only has the front and eraser buttons, no back clip) randomly stopped working today and nothing that usually fixes it works anymore. My first thought was to change the battery, that did nothing. Next I changed the nib, nothing. I updated windows and restarted my surface, nothing. Even disconnecting/reconnecting and disabling/re-enabling drivers, still nothing. Clicking and drawing with the eraser works just has it should, the tip is not registering at all. Sometimes when I hit "remove device" in settings and reconnected it, the curser would move for a bit, then stop working.
I'm willing to simply get a new one if I have to, but a part of me is saying that it's a easy fix, I just have no clue what it is. If anyone here has any idea what could be causing this, I'd love to know.
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2022.01.27 18:28 TorontoFemale Car Lease - Buy Out and Resell?

I leased a Mercedes in 2018. It was affordable and still is and has the typical technology you would expect in a modern car. My lease is up in March. Because of the pandemic and being overworked, I have not really been able to drive it around. It has been parked and I take it out maybe 5x a month maximum. I asked Mercedes if they have anything else at the same price point, they said no, everything is now double that monthly cost and on top of that almost no inventory and that the newer cars do not have the same technology that the old cars have due to the chip shortage. I heard I can buy the car out and resell it. There is 20k left on the car and I am seeing the car (same 2018 model) going for 35k. Three questions: In this crazy world right now, has my car become an appreciating asset ? Has anyone payed out a lease and then resold? Has anyone returned a car on lease to MB and had a bad experience? Do they nitpick about anything and hit you with a crazy bill? My car is accident free and as mentioned, barely driven.
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2022.01.27 18:28 xLILADNVNx Mythical Gods NFTs

My first try and my first uploaded NFT, go heart it if you like the art. Thank you
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2022.01.27 18:28 mrtetrisbinder A disc golf bag but oh fuck it's been infected with the Tennessee virus

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2022.01.27 18:28 dave_campbell Nathan’s hot dog cart in LGA Sky Club this afternoon

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2022.01.27 18:28 FullyLeveredOnAAPL Trying to open a hyperlink in excel with python

I have an excel file with hyperlinks (these hyperlinks lead to a website). I want to python to open one of the hyperlinks. When I execute the script I would expect the websites to open in Microsoft edge, but instead, nothing happens. Here is my code:
import openpyxl
wb = openpyxl.load_workbook("C:\\Users\\rfog\\OneDrive\\Documents\\Python Excel\\pythontest.xlsx")
ws = wb['Sheet1']
ws.cell(row=1, column=2).hyperlink.target

Any suggestions?
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2022.01.27 18:28 capercrohnie Nova Scotia pastor brags about defying public health order in online video

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2022.01.27 18:28 Chooah37 Flat feet

Hey all! Anyone out there have recommendations for cycling shoes that work for someone with flat feet? Preferably ones that don’t break the bank either! Lake, Shimano, Sidi and the like are all $300+. Currently wearing Gavin’s from Amazon but my feet hurt like crazy during the ride. Never had plantar fasciitis until riding the peloton. 😭
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2022.01.27 18:28 campbell5214 Need help finding Caffeine free Dr. Pepper

Hey y’all! I’m from NC, and I don’t believe they bottle caffeine free Dr. Pepper around here! My girlfriend can’t have caffeine, and this is her favorite soda. She hasn’t had it in years!
Do y’all have any links I could follow to buy it? Or I’d be willing to pay for the product + shipping if someone does have it in their store!
I saw some in UTAH, but I’m no where close to that lol!
Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.27 18:28 APKMirrorBOT Facebook Lite beta by Meta Platforms, Inc.

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2022.01.27 18:28 Sanitary_Eel [XB1] H: Fixers, .50cal, plans/recipes W: Raw cement barricade plan(s)

Looking for 2 copies of the above mentioned plans. Offering your choice of guns or plans below for each individual plan copy (1:1 on guns, may bundle on the plans). Cannot respond to Reddit chats (no app on phone). Thank you for taking a look!
Ari Ffr 90 Fixer
Ass E 90 Fixer
Gourmand 50c 15c Fixer
Jug 50c 1P Fixer
2shot Ffr 90 .50cal
V Ffr 50drwa .50cal
Plans/Recipes: Barbed Sheepsquatch Club, Blue Ridge Caravan backpack, Cultist backpack, Eagle Eyes Serum (recipe), Formula P (recipe), Meat Tenderizer (weapon plan), Metal Picnic Table, Mirelurk King tube, Nuka Girl area rug, Peppered Tenderized Mod (plan), Poisoned Sheepsquatch Club, Radioactive Barrel, Spicy Tenderizer Mod (plan), Wise Mothman Throne
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2022.01.27 18:28 FrigginHeck22 What is your favorite Ron Swanson quote?

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2022.01.27 18:28 Masspoint What about vram nowadays

I'm contemplating between a 3060ti and a 6700 xt, I'd rather have the nvida card, but I worry that I'll run into vram issues. The 3060ti has 8gb , the 6700 xt 12 gb.
This is mostly to run (older) games at 4k-5k at 90-120 fps.
Anyway has any opinion on this
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2022.01.27 18:28 JBaldera27 1st RD Mock Draft w/Select Explanations

Relevant Trades Pre-Draft:

Mock Draft:
  1. Jaguars: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE
  2. Lions: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE
  3. Texans: Evan Neal, OT - Houston decides to fully invest in Davis Mills for 2022, making it priority #1 to protect him on his blind side. Evan Neal has the opportunity to start at RT before potentially making a transition to LT depending on Laremy Tunsil's future, not dissimilar to the approach Detroit appears to be taking with Penei Sewell. Regardless, he should be a big asset to an offensive line that allowed 44 sacks and was the worst rushing attach in the NFL for 2021.
  4. Jets: Kyle Hamilton, FS - The Jets upgrade their secondary, after ranking #3 in passing yards allowed, with a blue-chip prospect at Safety. He'll likely serve as the replacement for Marcus Maye who will be a free agent after an ACL tear in Week 9.
  5. Giants: Charles Cross, OT - New York feels the sense of urgency to validate the selections of Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. However, it's been public knowledge that David Gettleman failed in his never-ending quest for hog-molies...so the Giants draft the best OT on the board to start opposite of Andrew Thomas. This should help in a division fueled by pass rushers such as Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Demarcus Lawrence, Micah Parsons, & Derek Barnett.
  6. Texans (from Carolina): Derek Stingley Jr.
  7. Giants (from Chicago): George Karlaftis, EDGE - While New York could draft another lineman, such as Tyler Linderbaum, to fortify their offensive potential they instead go EDGE after a below average pass rush in 2021. New York has a good secondary and the linebackers played well overall under Joe Judge, so hopefully a star pass rusher can help take them to another level.
  8. Falcons: Kenny Pickett, QB - With 2 years left on Matt Ryan's contract, and no way to realistically cut him before 2023, Arthur Smith gets QB1 on the board to develop for 1-2 years. With New Orleans & Tampa potentially in the QB hunt next offseason there's no telling if Atlanta gets another chance like this next season.
  9. Green Bay (from Denver): Garrett Wilson, WR - The Packers utilize the opportunity to reload at WR with the potential loss of Davante Adams. In this mock, Jerry Jeudy is a part of the trade package for Aaron Rodgers which provides Jordan Love a solid arsenal for 2022. If the passing offense is poor we'll know it's not for a lack of trying to give Love help.
  10. Jets (from Seattle): Tyler Linderbaum, iOL - QB Zach Wilson was under pressure or just outright sacked so many times you felt bad for him. A perpetual issue since Sam Darnold was leading the Jets offense, they finally add an elite prospect to the middle of the offensive line. Best case scenario he can be for the Jets OL what Jason Kelce is for Philadelphia.
  11. Commanders: Sam Howell, QB - After likely whiffing on any major veteran QBs, Washington decides to tie their immediate future to the 21 year old rookie our of UNC. Howell was the second best draft-eligible QB after Kenny Pickett, with passing stats under pressure, and fits the characteristics outlined by Ron Rivera in his search for a franchise QB.
  12. Vikings: Ahmad Gardner, CB
  13. Browns: Chris Olave, WR
  14. Ravens: Ikem Ekwonu, OT - Baltimore had inconsistent offensive line play which forced their already mobile QB to scramble too much vs staying in the pocket. With a few OT prospects selected ahead of the Ravens, Ikem should be expected to start at RT in the role that previously belonged to Orlando Brown Jr.
  15. Eagles (from Miami): Devin Lloyd, LB
  16. Eagles (from Indianapolis): Trent McDuffie, CB
  17. Chargers: Jordan Davis, DL - With 3 pending free agents specifically a DT, Los Angeles decides to replace Linval Joseph through the draft. Jordan Davis may be better in a 4-3 front but can should suffer no problems with making an impact with the EDGE rushers in LA. He has a lot of power which should help the entire defense as it's rare you can single-block Davis and he has flexibility in both rush and passing situations.
  18. Saints: Jameson Williams, WR - New Orleans is in a situation where this season may be a silent rebuild year with Sean Payton leaving, Michael Thomas potentially traded, -$71M in cap space, etc. The Saints decide to select BPA for offensive skill players for a season that allows Williams complete dedication towards rehabilitation after tearing his ACL.
  19. Eagles: David Ojabo, EDGE
  20. Steelers: Kenyon Green, OL - Pittsburgh takes care of their immediate QB needs via Jimmy G, allowing them to select BPA. Considered by some to be a blue-chip OL talent at Guard, Kenyon Green should immediate impact the run blocking for Najee Harris in a positive way.
  21. Patriots: Drake London, WR - New England seizes the opportunity to select a better version of N'Keal Harry, while he is likely traded after making a request last offseason. He should provide an excellent contested, red zone, and big play target which should compliment well with how catchable Mac Jones throws the ball.
  22. Raiders: Treylon Burks, WR - Vegas finds their replacement for Henry Ruggs III as Burks has top-end speed along with great natural catching ability and smooth burst that deceives some DBs. Should be a solid addition for Vegas' group of receivers which may or may not include Davante Adams.
  23. Cardinals: Kaiir Elam, CB
  24. Cowboys: Bernhard Raimann, OL
  25. Bills: Roger McCreary, CB
  26. Titans: Jahan Dotson, WR
  27. Buccaneers: Andrew Booth Jr., CB - Tampa would have selected Jahan Dotson but Tennessee cucks them one spot beforehand. Instead, Tampa works on rebuilding their defensive secondary in the potential scheme of a new Defensive Coordinator, as there's smoke connecting Todd Bowles to several Head Coaching opportunities.
  28. Packers: Arnold Ebiketie, EDGE
  29. Bengals: Trevor Penning, OT - The Bengals selecting anything other than an offensive lineman would be malpractice and should qualify as intent to murder Joe Burrow. They go BPA for OL after the top prospects are taken within the top 15 picks.
  30. Dolphins (from San Francisco): Daniel Faalele, OT
  31. Lions (from LA Rams): Desmond Ridder, QB - Detroit gets a QB prospect known for his great work ethic, leadership, starting experience, and physical traits but lacking polish in terms of footwork, accuracy, and throwing mechanics. While Jared Goff continues to start, Ridder has a chance to takeover in 2024 when Goff's cap hit is $5M vs $30.5M in 2022.
  32. Chiefs: Lewis Cine, DB
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2022.01.27 18:28 CryptographerMean246 Which countries accept trans people?

I just don't know how I can go on living let alone transition in the USA where it seems like everyone is 50 years behind the rest of the world In their spiritual evolution.
The fact of the matter is that in most places in the world- it's still a conversation and matter of opinion about whether trans people deserve rights or not.
I greatly fear for my future if I continue to live in the United States. The united states still is no where near to addressing it's racism and Ableist tendencies. I have a lot of mental health issues as well. I greatly fear I will die here and be singled out if I stay.
I haven't able to find a job at all in the past several years. Because I am deemed "not worthy of survival." It often feels like every single soul in this country is doing everything they possibly could do to keep people like me from succeeding.
I really fear that I will get shot just for being myself if I don't starve due to lack of proper support for impoverished individuals.
I'm really sorry to bring any heavy subject matter into here. But I just want to know if anyone has positive experiences in other countries? Or possibly other states?
I have lived in Pennsylvania and Florida. And I am very agoraphobic. I can't tell you how much I hate this country
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2022.01.27 18:28 Interesting_Focus434 A little quiz

Dinner: eaten Dishes: prewashed Plants: watered Clothes for tomorrow: ready Teeth: brushed Dirty clothes: piled up Work bag and wallet: ready
Now the quiz: Have I been drinking for 4 days in a row or have I been sober for 4 days?
I was tired after dinner yet I still did everything.
It is very likely none of the above was done had I grabbed the afterwork beers. Its 10.30pm and I'm tired in bed. Usually I would go at 2am or later.
Not looking forward to the likely weird and intense dreams for the next days or weeks. However I am looking forward to a long night of necessary sleep, no completely wet sheets, no headaches in the morning or being at work scared of shitting or pissing myself. The apartment may not be in a perfect state but at least I am not coming home to a complete mess, the smell of old food and beer cans everywhere.
Oh, and this is the longest I have gone since autumn 2020.
Hope this doesnt break any rules, long time ago since I posted here with another account.
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2022.01.27 18:28 APKMirrorBOT Facebook (Android TV) 353. alpha by Meta Platforms, Inc.

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2022.01.27 18:28 caintowers Impact [MF]

10:37am: NASA Mission Control: Asteroid Interdiction Service
The room is packed with young, unpaid interns and old professionals. They are all pacing about, doing their duties as written in their job descriptions. Patrick, a useless misogynistic pig-person, was repeating his weekly ritual of trying to seduce Wendy, the Intercept Calculation Specialist.
"Come on, Wendy. I know you're a pro at those interceptions, but I think I could teach you a thing or two..."
"Shut up, Patrick. We both know you couldn't intercept a black hole with Atlas's dick"
Jalisco, the group supervisor, came by and introduced Patrick's face to a hearty slap. "Shut up, dipshit. We have work to do. Object number A675 is about to pass close to Earth's orbit and we need to stand ready"
Patrick put on his best look of annoyance.
"We all know this asteroid is coming nowhere near Earth. It's just another useless emergency to cause everyone panic"
Wendy looked back at her calculations. She didn't want to admit the jackass was right, but the chances of A675 impacting earth were about as low as her even imagining sleeping with the fool.
"It doesn't matter. Earth depends on us to be vigilant," Jalisco quipped, before spinning around and departing. It worked. Patrick finally returned to his desk and pretended to work. She refocused on her calculations.
4872 Hodons: Zegoro Space Command Center, Elsewhere in the MIlky Way
"FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK! How did we miss this?" Kego was looking at his monitor, brows raised and deep canyons forming on his forehead. All appeared doomed.
The Zegorons had only brought their new monitoring service online 3 Hodons ago, and were only part way through the process of cataloging near-objects in space. But everyone was convinced that any objects with a potential of threatening Zegoro had been properly marked. Until now, that is.
Kego wasted no time. He pushed away his chair, rising rapidly and crossing over to the comm box on the opposite wall. He voiced his desired connection. Sweat formed on his brow as the dial tone began.
11:33am: Austin, Texas
Tommy sat on the cinderblock shortwall of his neighborhood 7-11. He carefully opened his knife and cut away the old, broken band of his slingshot. He had just purchased a new band for it at the shop, and was eager to test it out on the neighborhood squirrels and pigeons. He was about to hop off the wall when he saw his classmate Patricia approaching. He got nervous.
Patricia looked up at him disapprovingly. "Hey, dork. Did you even try to shower today or do you prefer smelling like a toilet?"
She moved on, satisfied. Tommy wished he had a shower to use to begin with. Sliding off the wall, he took a few paces and noted a pigeon above on a telephone wire. He took aim, before noticing a bright object in the distance. Two, actually... one streaming straight across the blue backdrop and the other moving towards it.
11:35am: NASA Mission Control: Asteroid Interdiction Service
"Everything is looking good. Seems like an uneventful day after all." Jalisco announced to his team. He began to gather his files, accidentally dropping several onto the floor. Their impact was punctuated by an alarming tone from one of the team members' monitors.
It was Daya. She looked up from her monitor with great confusion.
"I'm tracking a second object. It appears to be on an interception course with A675," she announced.
"Confirmed," Wendy confirmed.
Jalisco was concerned. He wasn't aware of any other Earth launches. He quickly paced to his phone and dialed into the US Space Force Command Link.
11:42am: White House Situation Room
"Well, what the fuck is this unknown object?" the President angrily demanded.
Only Wallace, the Space Force general, dared respond. "Umm.. Sir, we don't know. We're in communication with our partners around the globe and nobody knows..."
"Ahh, fuck!" the President interrupted, "I know who this is. It's fucking Putin. We all know it's the fucking Russians. They're using this stupid asteroid to hide an assault on our satellites. Well, fuck them. Nuke their satellites!"
"But sir!" Wallace returned, "We don't know that the Russians are involved here. Shouldn't we confirm the unknown object's purpose before we launch such an attack?"
"My people elected me to be tough on Putin. Launch the fucking nukes."
4879 Hodons: Zegoro Space Command Center, Elsewhere in the MIlky Way
Kego monitored his vehicle's progress nervously, constantly trying to force calm into his hands on the controls. "Everything is on track for intercept," he announced. Many quietly watched behind him.
11:50am: NASA Mission Control: Asteroid Interdiction Service
Everyone watched nervously as the unknown object made it's way toward A675 with assured conviction. Eventually, they converged on their monitors. A675 was once again alone.
"I need a new trajectory calculation!" Jalisco demanded.
"I'm working on it!" Wendy responded. She hurriedly entered the parameters into her program, double checking her numbers and mental math. Finally, she allowed the computer to take over and finish the work. Her face paled completely when she saw the result.
"A675 is... on a direct path to impact earth. This... will kill us all, if we don't intercept immediately."
It was at that moment that each monitor exploded with a flurry of alarms and notifications. Suddenly they were tracking many objects. It became clear as they converged on Earth satellites that some kind of space warfare had begun. The realization was met with an abrupt loss of communications and tracking data.
4940 Hodons: Zegoro National Assembly
"it is today that we celebrate the tremendous heroism of Kego, our heroic interception specialist who successfully saved our planet from certain annihilation! Every Zegoron from this point forward owes him a debt of gratitude"
Kego stepped up to the microphone. He felt awkward being adored by all these people. He could only think of one thing to say.
"Thank you! Thank you. I can only say that I went to work intending on fulfilling my job. I had no idea that today I would be saving Zegoro. I couldn't do it without the cooperation of my people. I love you all!"
The crowd erupted in cheer. He stepped away from the microphone, walking down the hallway. His supervisor, Maja, was waiting.
"Excellent work today, Kego," he said, "Saving Zegoro, and with only one planetary casualty!"
"Do we know anything about the impacted planet?" Kego asked.
"Nope, not much. It was likely uninhabited. At least, there were no signs of intelligent life in neighboring planets. If there was anything there, they didn't leave much of a mark."
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2022.01.27 18:28 combi_the_cat Trollge the pocion incident part 1

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2022.01.27 18:28 iGuessImHereNow1 my (17m) parents won’t let me call my friend at night

i’m pretty antisocial and generally lonely. i don’t mind that in the slightest, but i do enjoy talking to the one friend i do have. it’s a kind of situation where we are each other’s only friends. anyways, with school and work it’s tricky and the night time is the only time i can talk to her. my house is very small, the rooms are close, so noise travels easily. i’ve tried talking quietly as well as going under the covers, but my dad will still come into my room, get mad, and yell at me to go to bed. my parents are old, so they head to bed early, and expect me to do so, too. ít sucks that i can’t have a social life. i wish that at 17 they allowed me to have more control over my life. talking to them never gets through, and i don’t have the best relationship with them.
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