Sugar mommy needed. Snap is Rileyyjon Venmo only

2022.01.27 16:57 Groundbreaking-Dig53 Sugar mommy needed. Snap is Rileyyjon Venmo only

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2022.01.27 16:57 Entire-Ad-3196 Ich hab Video Von mariam und verlange kein Geld wie die meist anderen hrs yalla schreibt mir

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2022.01.27 16:57 Tony1697 I'm expexting too much compersation?
So I got the RTR Version of a MST RMX, a magnet body mount and the original upgrade metal Turnbuckles from an online store. Since this is my first drift car I did a quick drive with it to see if I even like it and I noticed the servo sometimes dosen't center back. While I wanted to put on the magnets of the body mounts I noticed that the body had a hair sprayed into it and that you coud also see the scratches from it outside. On the 2nd drive the servo stopped working completely. I contacted the seller on the same day the car was deliverd about this 2 problems. The seller offerd 30€ as compensation, however a copy of exactly the build in servo is 22€ and a new body woud be price 59€. I asked to send the 2 damaged parts back and get original replacements since I already spent lots of time putting together the magnet mount and also the Turnbuckles were installed. They said they can't replace the body because of that hair and also they woud get a new servo for <10€ The then told me they already found a new coustomer for the car and wanted me to return the whole Pack. I told them about the things I already build in and that I drove it twice in my Garage but they said ok. After sending everything back the store now wants to hold back 20€ because the servo is not build into the car and the Turnbuckles have scratches. What do you think..?
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2022.01.27 16:57 Disastrous-Debt2B Business Duck INC!

Business Duck INC! #0370 - Pinky
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2022.01.27 16:57 PremiumForAll ⭐️ Violet Summers

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2022.01.27 16:57 ReinaFoxx TIL Ancient romans resorted to cannibalism in order to treat certain ailments. Pliny the elder devotes a whole section of his book on body parts that can be used for healing purposes, including warm gladiator blood and baby bone marrow for treating epilepsy

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2022.01.27 16:57 sherlockmyballs 33 [M4R] Texas - Think i have a splinter in my finger

I was once told i had a bad reputation on here. Kinda took it to heart but didn't really change what i posted so I guess this is that new post.
I should start by saying I'm just a regular goofy/dorky guy. I'm looking for a partner. However that manifests is fine by me. Currently 33, 5'10, 235lb with brown hair and glasses. I've never been one to be particularly health minded but i've begun to be more mindful and active. So far i'm halfway to my goal weight and do feel slightly better but it's been rough. I have a boring/steady 8-5 Monday through Friday job so i have weekends off which is super convenient but i barely have any free time for anything. I would make an effort if someone came along though. Most of my hobbies are a tad too specific for here but i can elaborate in a chat or DM. Feel free to inquire about anything. I'm a big question guy so i'm always ready to answer.
I know i'm supposed to "promote" myself in this post but i'd rather you just get to know me if you're interested. Also i'm gonna ask questions. I don't know if i've been unlucky or it's the new norm but man is it hard to get to know someone on here lately. I'm not asking for super personal information. Knowing your profession or state you live in should be basic questions i feel like. If you can't handle questions or getting to know each other questions then please don't respond. Super tired of it. Just gets discouraging is all. Oh and M4R means Male for Redditor but i lean more towards Female/FTM/MTF (NB if AFAB) type of people. Not necessarily guys outright. Only attracted to a certain type of guy but feel free to message and see how it goes. Just trying to be upfront and honest. Oh and i'll be posting this on other subs but not a lot. I hope i haven't scared you off lol.
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2022.01.27 16:57 strontiumdog0 Single-hand T70 magic weapon?

I'm currently using a mystic wand and dragon shield to kill dragons and I'm level 70 magic! I've got T60 and T70 staffs but not wands. What would users here recommend?
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2022.01.27 16:57 bfine360 Dumb luck I came across this today. Haven't seen one in two years. Also BOUGHT 20 more with the BUY button. Happy Anniversary Motherfuckers!

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2022.01.27 16:57 Regular-Income-2764 First time I got a message like this lol. Any ideas for a response?

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2022.01.27 16:57 mpbelectronics A bird hit my window and left a full imprint

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2022.01.27 16:57 ex_president Lodger has been smoking in my to handle it??

So i don't really have any proof, but.......
New lodger moved in a week ago and after a few days the house started stinking of cigarette smoke. I could smell it as soon as i walked in the front door one day. It's most prominent in the hall, the stairs and the landing. So i'm guessing he's smoking in his room, which is also backed up by the fact both bedroom windows are constantly wide open. On top of this my Asthma has also been affected by the smoke/smell. I wondered why it had flared up out of nowhere but then once I had noticed the smell, it all started to make sense.
He said he didn't smoke, and the house rules state no smoking.
I hate confrontation but I realise it's something that I'm going to have to do and wondered what people would think was the best way to handle it?
In all honesty i'm disgusted that someone would do this and ideally I just want him out of the house immediately. But I don't know if this would be fair or not, and I know he has no where else to go. I really don't know what to do or say really.
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2022.01.27 16:57 Doranex How does Forbidden Flesh and Forbidden Flame work with Ascendant?

So I watched the vod again to look at the two new jewels and the showed that a certain class is required for it to work, but how does it work with the Ascendant?
Do the jewels work for both classes if the ascendancy overlaps or will there be seperate solely dedicated to the Ascendant?
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2022.01.27 16:57 Glum-Succotash585 hi im K1ll3rAspect i just posted my first video and it is on minecraft i did a letsplay episode 1, me and friend playing minecraft, iff u would like to watch it or just like and subscribe to me here is the video :

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2022.01.27 16:57 ChaseH9499 First UAB Football Head Coach Jim Hilyer has passed away at age 86.

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2022.01.27 16:57 kale_start In Finland there’s no airplanes 😔

We ride the reindeer everywhere
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2022.01.27 16:57 NotPostingShit Two voids from a shelter. They are both Nameless because nobody can tell which is which.

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2022.01.27 16:57 Nova_Bomber Neon Abyss DLC Free | Base Game Was In a Humble Choice

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2022.01.27 16:57 modell3000 Wavy interference with RGB SCART on Sony 21X5U

Looking for advice on this. My 21" Sony X5 has a wavy interference pattern that shows up even on the RGB SCART input. The photo is with nothing whatsoever plugged in, on an analogue TV channel (untuned) with the blanking screen displayed. The brightness is also turned way up to make it visible. For this test, I powered it via mains conditioner, and there was nothing powered up nearby.
It's not generally noticeable, except when a medium-dark, flat-colour background is being displayed. It's not the end of the world, but the TV is otherwise great and it would be good to sort this out. A thread on the shmups.system11 board seemed to think this line of Trinitrons is susceptible to this issue, though much of the thread discussed jitter, which I haven't noticed (nor will go looking for!). Anyone got any insights / suggestions?
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2022.01.27 16:57 spellblade91 FFXIV sign at AEW last night

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2022.01.27 16:57 queeriosn_milk What is a popular food or dish in your home country that actually has origins elsewhere?

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2022.01.27 16:57 exgee226 New set! Still practicing. 😓🤓

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2022.01.27 16:57 FreedomNetworkTV Bluebook Cities - Praxis

I recently learned about a new community being formed called Praxis. The creator is a 25 year old named Dryden Brown (also CEO of Bluebook Cities). They hope to create an online community of like-minded people to share ideas and build projects. Once established, meet with city governments to purchase physical land to eventually move to and live together.
Master Plan Substack
"Praxis is a society of founders, engineers, artists, researchers, and young aspirants building towards a shared vision for the future through the pursuit of heroic projects."
"So we have events that are as small as possible on a weekly basis. What we do is we run these small 8-person weekly calls where we talk about the projects that we’re working on (our heroic projects) or our exploratory process looking for a project. And the core idea here is to create friendships between the members and strong bonds—a high-trust place where people want to help each other, make introductions, and spend time with one another."
"If I were to distill it down, we need to create a culture that gives people access to social capital for pursuing hard, ambitious problems. Because otherwise, software companies will always win because the economics are simply better."
Bluebook Cities’ Master Plan
1.Build a city in the cloud populated by amazing people working towards a shared vision for the future
2. Partner with a thoughtful government to build a new city
3. Grow the city and build the future humanity deserves, together
Interview with Dryden Brown
Their Discord has 7,315 members and they are hiring for multiple positions. You can find both and more on their website -
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2022.01.27 16:57 Colemonstaa Virgin Chaos Dwarfs vs Chad Demon Motorbikers

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2022.01.27 16:57 code_wizard_ Algorithmic trading platforms.

Hi all, Do you know platforms that do some algorithmic trading with your coins and earn you money? Example strategies: Covered calls, put sell, delta strategy. Example platforms I found:
I cannot find more but APYs, and usage are great.
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