Why do the games cap at 60fps?

2022.01.27 18:30 dogo7 Why do the games cap at 60fps?

Why do the games cap at 60fps? I have a 144hz monitor but it keeps capping the games at 60. Is there a way around it or were the games never meant for playing at that high of a refresh rate?
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2022.01.27 18:30 zakaria20199 Is embiid a better player without Simmons?

Embiid is getting more recognition across the league and media now. He played at this consistent level for the past 3 years
Whenever something went his attitude or lack of urgency was questioned a lot
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2022.01.27 18:30 Malpat524 PrizeMoon | $PZMN | 🕹 P2E Gaming | 🚀 15k MC | NFTs | 🔥 Merchandise/Nfts/Tokens/ArcadePoint Giveaways

$PZMN develops P2E games that awards gamers in our first of a kind points system trade in earn points for reward claim codes valued up to 1000$
MoonJump released on the Google Play store where you can earn an NFT and $250 worth of arcade points.
Arcade room with 1000+ games for the web is now live! Earn points and trade them in for Prizes https://moongaming.net
We have monthly real item giveaways. You have the chance to win a real useable item delivered to your house. All PrizeMoon token holders are automatically entered the monthly item giveaways. We are only at 40 holders so this is your chance to get in early.
🌙 MoonJump & MoonGaming Arcade Room
MoonJump P2E game available on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moon.jump, coming soon to iOS and the web.
P2E MoonGaming arcade room on the web with 1000+ games and a leaderboard where the points can be traded in for reward codes https://MoonGaming.net
10% Buy/Sell Tax 5% to Liquidity 5% to Holders 1T Total Supply
📚 NFTs
Trading Card Packs 1. Standard Pack (2 cards) 2. Legendary Pack (4 cards) 3. Insanity Pack (6 cards)
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Reddit CMS, 4chan, CoinSniper, WatcherGuru, CoinHunt, CoinMooner, TG pinned posts, YT videos, TikTok videos, Instagram and Twitter.
CG, CMC, and mid-tier CEX to come after we hit 25k LP.
🔗 Links
https://prizemoon.net https://t.me/theprizemoon https://twitter.com/theprizemoon https://www.instagram.com/theprizemoon https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdhhbk4d https://MoonGaming.net
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2022.01.27 18:30 GroundbreakingLynx14 High Tide Announces Unaudited 2021 Financial Results Featuring a 118% Increase in Revenue and Record Adjusted EBITDA of $12.4 Million - - ALERT: $ACB & $TLRY are Investors in $HITI

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2022.01.27 18:30 ThatMidget [no spoilers] Well, guess who I just seen !

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2022.01.27 18:30 Andreea_Nan Hello. I'm just sharing my experience

I started mining in 1 GPU (R9 380 4GB) way back May 2021 with approximately 1 USD daily for 2 months (mining RVN as my GPU can only mine in this kind of alt coin). I saw the benefit and opportunity in mining as a way of passive income while working. Then started to plan of having more GPU based on the funds available I can utilized for this project and started to search secondhand cards available in my place (you can see it in one of the photo showing how I evolved in mining). It may not be as profitable as other miners who owned a lot of rigs and gpus, but one thing is for sure, I am happy with this and looking forward to add more higher cards in future. Currently, majority of my cards are RX580 8gb which I bought for 240usd per piece (indeed a good deal) from one of the miner who migrated to ASIC mining - I call it blessing and I thanked God for that. Now, i have 17 cards are up and running (542 mh/s) and waiting for 6 cards to be installed in future upon arrival of the splitter cables and PSU i ordered online.
Just sharing my experience in mining and I enjoy this as a hobby. I learn more and more on all discussions in this group. Thank you GPU Mining Group and all the people behind this.
Thanks for the members who are giving good advice to the beginners. Let us help each other in building a passive income. This can change someone else life towards improvement where all of us here can contribute and help.
Stay safe everyone and happy mining.. Don't forget to help/ assist one another. That's what this world needs. Be a part of it and always be humble.
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2022.01.27 18:30 hillbillyhiphop Phoenix Wright has uncoverd a glaring contradiction

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I charge $15 per page. Payments are done via PayPal.
Keep it always,
Your trusted homework buddy.
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2022.01.27 18:30 jdilla127 The replies to Zach Lowe’s wife’s latest tweet are great

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2022.01.27 18:30 famasfilms New Denon AVR with CCGTV: enhanced 4k signal = no 4k/HDR on netflix

So I have a 2016 LG OLED and just upgraded my 2015 Denon 3200 AVR to a Denon 6500 AVR.
Got the CCGTV last month and with it plugged into Denon 3200 I could get 4k, HDR and Atmos. Having it plugged into TV meant no Atmos because the TV didn't support Atmos.
I swapped out the 3200 for the 6500 and when setting it up noticed a "4k enhanced signal format" option in video settings. I set it to enhanced as manual says to use this if your TV and playback devices support "high quality 4k 60p 4:4:4 10bit video signals"
Later on Netflix via CCGTV nothing was available in 4k until I turned "enhanced" to standard?
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2022.01.27 18:30 1DayIllDieButNot2Day solar system race list help needed.

I'm trying to make a list/map of the 616-sol system and its alternate timelines.
I've been checking the wikis but there doesn't seem to be much in the 616 proper the father out you get and a lot of what is there hasn't seen recent use. Idk if that just because there isn't any or there is and it's just so obscure no one updated. Anything you think might be helpful would be apricated. My brain is fried i just need to know any little space thing you might have happened to read. like what the current state of counter earth and the Inhumans is. Is there any Eternal activity on Jupiter? is anything going on in the asteroid or Kepler belts? Is that city the Beyonder built still there. just something somebody might have brought up that nobody put of the dang wiki. have these guys from Pluto that Namor apparently beat up ever showed back up.
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2022.01.27 18:30 carnathsmecher Wanderer VR

just played 2 hours of the Wanderer on Steam,works wonderfully on the 8kx no PP needed and stable fps at normal FOV,the game has spectacular visuals and good VR interactivity the story is also very intersting as of now about time travel stuff,no issues,no bugs,no crashes in 2 hours,and its supposed to be 8 hours long.
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2022.01.27 18:30 Apprehensive-Ask7420 Wisconsin Assembly advances resolution that would reclaim the states 10 electors cast for Bidens win 2020

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2022.01.27 18:30 ghiblix MYEGOLIVESON - 원효로3가 41_15 Freestyle

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2022.01.27 18:30 magnets_man Long car tall Spoiler

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2022.01.27 18:30 jonnyfasthand Question about Westside for Skinny Bastards 3

Guys please help me out here I'm clearly a bit slow, for the Max effort and repitition upper body do you do the same supplemental exersises?
So if I'm doing rows and DB press, should I be going that both days and then switching to a new exersises after 3 weeks?
Same question applies to lower body days.
I'm limited with my equipment so I can only do certain exersises.
Any and all advice welcome, thanks
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2022.01.27 18:30 Callaway1027 Golbin Raid not giving out correct Raid Coins

So yeah, 86 waves bored at work today and got 35 coins!? Not correct.
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2022.01.27 18:30 JustCallMeQueenV Sharing the QR codes and wallpaper for my Black Rainbow Apple widget, as requested.

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2022.01.27 18:30 digitalmillenia Macro to replace text portion of formula with value in cell.

Hi everyone,
I have a file where I manually Ctrl+H to replace based on cell value.
For example Cell A1 references another sheet and is displaying "A123". However when this value updates to "A234" based on user updates, I CTRL+H to replace all formulas containing "A123" to "A234"
In cell A2 I have the previous reference, in this case "A123".
I need a macro that looks up all the formulas that contain the value from cell A2 and update the formula with values in A1.
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2022.01.27 18:30 Low-Transition1570 Help please

Hey! So I've really been wanting to learn full bts songs from start to finish and I've been using YouTube to do this but does anyone have any ideas of any ways I could also do this? I'm yet to get a whole song. I've been army since the beginning and really struggle with learning words but I'm determined to learn so any help would be greatly appreciated 💜
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2022.01.27 18:30 DarthWinduDW When you finally get it to work!

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2022.01.27 18:30 sadmaxsenteney Eva Joy - I'll Be Here in the Morning (Townes Van Zandt cover)

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2022.01.27 18:30 crytoloover CompliFi $comfi Chart, Price and Contract

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2022.01.27 18:30 pettypickle123 Divorced people of reddit who were cheated on what was his/her reaction when you confronted then about it?

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2022.01.27 18:30 only_wallace Let's Get Down Freestyle

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