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I was told to prove I have tiny boobs…

2022.01.27 17:17 Dingalingpingpong I was told to prove I have tiny boobs…

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2022.01.27 17:17 Nice-Seaweed2565 The Moose- The Living Garden (Official Video)

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2022.01.27 17:17 empress_of_pinkskull Post from a Christian social media personality.

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2022.01.27 17:17 ZoolShop Julia Fox gets into spat with Libbie Mugrabi in Paris

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2022.01.27 17:17 hodgetiger unusual bones/paleontology dig/secrets uncovered

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2022.01.27 17:17 Bot_Highlights Almost got me .... | /u/2fun2quit

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2022.01.27 17:17 LegacyToaster Hitler game posts

Can the mods do their jobs and remove all the posts about the sex with hitler game? There have been 100000 posts about it in the past week, I think they're being spammed as a publicity stunt
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2022.01.27 17:17 remosiracha Need help deciding where to prune my avocado tree

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2022.01.27 17:17 ciphd 25M UK/Online - [friendship] your alarm tune is the soundtrack of your life

Hello, 25 year old living in the miserable, cold and rainy countryside. Most days I work a 9-5 office job (from home), others I get to rag fun cars on a race track as a test driver. Working from home has been a blessing and a curse, and I thought it'd be a fun time to try and meet cool new people to connect with and chat once in a while in my downtime.

My free time is usually spent gaming(big variety, PC only), nerding on some books (ask me for for a cool fantasy recommendation) and mystery/horror documentaries. I'm incredibly passionate about Formula 1, cooking and good vibes only.

I'm currently in the middle of slowly re-watching a couple of shows such as Succession, Black Sails, Utopia (UK one), Mr Robot and Better Call Saul so if you're interested I'm down to watch them together. (Also arguably the collection of shows with the best soundtracks, I'm ready to argue)

Not really looking for anything specific, just trying to meet some cool new people. I have made these posts a few times in the past with a few treasured long and short term connections so anyone is welcome to PM, similar interests or not. I would prefer to use discord in the long run.

Also have a dog that will melt the coldest of hearts.
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2022.01.27 17:17 AccWhereIAskQuestion Any extra content mods?

I have the kraken drive, black hole inverter, and more heavenly upgrades mods installed, but i want to know if there are any mods that add other stuff, like buildings, upgrades, ascension upgrades, minigames, achievements, etc.
sorry if this breaks the rules
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2022.01.27 17:17 GollyGeeSon Alicia Vikander

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2022.01.27 17:17 sincerely_marcellus What’s the best response to the interview question “Tell me about a time when you failed and what you did to overcome it.”? What do you tell a potential employer your biggest weakness is?

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2022.01.27 17:17 StrainApprehensive64 C’est la quelle votre préféré et combien sur 10 ?

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2022.01.27 17:17 lilbaddiewinters What would your name be if you were a Disney Princess and what Universe would you live on?

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2022.01.27 17:17 AusCOVID19 Queensland parents, teachers left in the dark on COVID-19 protocols as back to school date looms

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2022.01.27 17:17 SATANS_ASSHOLE_ Which is worse - masturbating with sandpaper or job hunting?

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2022.01.27 17:17 hourglass_curves I hope y’all like this

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2022.01.27 17:17 MainAsk434 It’s so funny how my cat insists on face to face contact when cuddling

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2022.01.27 17:17 0_LionHearted_0 When someone is giving good advice on selling cubes

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2022.01.27 17:17 DroptopGazer Hardest choice of the century on a banner..

Maaaan, we all knew what MiHoYo had planned and I’m not even mad at it lmaoo it’s so hard to pick and gives me the tiniest of anxiety due to that I have Ganyu’s Amos’ Bow from long before ready to build for her if I’d be able to pull her, and then there’s Zhongli who actually has a nice geo play style imo with support skill and then again, he’s literally Geo God Pops lol they caught me on with this one but I’m just hoping I get to invest a good sum amount to this banner by the last few days when I pull. Then there’s also the devil involved.. “(50/50)” :(
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2022.01.27 17:17 igetwet13 Question about Bucky

I just read the Devil's Reign Winter Soldier one shot and I feel like I'm missing part of Bucky's story. I could swear I remember some line in Brubaker's Captain America where Bucky says he remembers everything he did as the Winter Soldier, he just wasn't in control, but in the new one shot, Bucky seems to have gaps in his memory during his initial Winter Soldier days.
So my question is, is that something that happened in a comic after Brubaker stopped writing him, or did they just add that to make him more compelling and tortured?
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2022.01.27 17:17 supermutantconcubine H: BE25 Dragon. Legacy Damage, Legacy Range. W: Legacy Offers or Very Strong Non- Legacy Offers.

Thanks for your Offers. Second posting. I'm interested in most things, Teslas, GPs, Lasers, Gat Lasers, etc. B, AA, Q, V, TS.
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2022.01.27 17:17 strawcanine Looking for tix to their April 7 Chicago show at Schubas. Please DM if you’re selling!

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2022.01.27 17:17 Apterygiformes Don't mess with the Michelin man!

Haha I definitely didn't think it was this haha
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