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Que pasa trolls?

2022.01.27 16:59 shrekismygodlol Que pasa trolls?

Que pasa trolls? Ultimamente leo mucho "hater" por aqui la verdad... Y me duele un poco, voy a seguir haciendo videos que a mi me gusten y me lo sigo pasando igual de bien que el primer dia! Así que gracias a los que dan apoyo y animo y A TROLLEAR!
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2022.01.27 16:59 PolinaPetrovaa Warframe VS Destiny 2?

View Poll
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2022.01.27 16:59 constructional_HK Voices of Ontario - Elder Little Brown Bear

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2022.01.27 16:59 garlicandcoffee SD soma show tonight

Any other loners going tonight?
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2022.01.27 16:59 SoloFriedHare Spectral adversary

Does spectral adversary phase itself out automatically after paying the cost or would i have to select it as well. Can it even phase itself out or is it limited to other cards only?
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2022.01.27 16:59 NovelTAcct [PATTERN] Croissant pattern from pixel art! Link and source info in comments

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2022.01.27 16:59 thawingSumTendies Free $20 for Signing Up to EQ Bank 🇨🇦 :)

I have been using them for a while now and almost everything with EQ is free!
Before when other banks were charging for eTransfers, EQ offered them for free.
There’s no monthly account fees and no minimum amounts required to be kept in the bank account.
Even NSF is free for those that are debited and don’t have enough money in their bank account. I have yet to see any bank offer that other than EQ.
On top of all of this, they have a regular interest rate of 1.25%, which is much higher than even the high interest savings accounts of most other banks.
Only downside is they don’t have a debit card for deposits and withdrawals.
For those that are okay with moving money between accounts and just want to save the most money possible, I have only good experiences so far.
Free $20 after depositing at least $100 within 30 days of signing up for EQ Bank: https://join.eqbank.ca?code=DAVID3515
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2022.01.27 16:59 mikistroz First car I'll reminisce about in the future

I don't need my car to be practical in every way, but it has to be within the realms of reasonability for a daily driver. It can be a two-seater. I want it to feel responsive, but I don't want too much power, so I don't get overwhelmed as a new driver. I'm not afraid of having to do a little work on it myself, or it burning through gas quickly, if I get a fun car in return. I just want something that I'll find attractive both to drive and look at. If you guys have any suggestions other than those I've listed, feel free to write in the comments.

Option #1:
2000 Toyota Celica 1.8

Option #2:

2004 Mazda MX-5 1.6
Option #3:

2005 Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 2.0
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2022.01.27 16:59 GroundbreakingLynx14 Why is $TLRY trading under $6 per share when it has a price target of $17?

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2022.01.27 16:59 guriedn HOW TO WIN ECOMI(VEVE) MARVEL NFTS FOR FREE? !

It's 100% FREE
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2022.01.27 16:59 LivingQuarter76 A chance.

I am sure you already know that the servers got shut down on PS3, maybe the PS4 servers for LBP3 are on and thats great but the Original Games are not, and for me they were the best and the worst is that objects and other stuff on the PS3 aren‘t on the PS4. There are many problems and Im sure that you think the same, for me LBP1 and 2 were my Childhood. The thing is that I prefer waiting longer than never being able to play the original parts again, maybe it will take longer, be harder idk but atleast try. The community is patient and by signing this petition and sharing this petition we surely can achieve something! https://www.change.org/p/media-molecule-save-the-online-services-of-littlebigplanet-games-on-ps3-and-ps-vita
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2022.01.27 16:59 fortheloveofbettas The gang’s all here 🐌 🐌 🐟

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2022.01.27 16:59 cglassey That’s a pretty good feeling. Arrow sfic picked to control

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2022.01.27 16:59 -ShootMeNow- Love these Thermos containers for H/S meals.

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2022.01.27 16:59 OneWhoNeverWas Got my hair done today!

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2022.01.27 16:59 Shymyers69 F4M] 21F I'm up for anything Looking for someone I can talk with. Snap @meaudrey69

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2022.01.27 16:59 TaYYles2 My friends continue the work, goodbye for now

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2022.01.27 16:59 sacha-distil Data Guard

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2022.01.27 16:59 Mammoth-Yak [WTS] Japanese Yen Notes - 3 Lots (5,000 Yen Note; 7,500 Yen Lot; Random Lot of 30+ Old Notes, including two Military Payment Certs)

Hi everyone. Have 3 lots of Japanese Yen notes for sale. Please let me know of any questions!
Lot # Description Price
1 5,000 Yen Note (circulated, but very nice condition) $50.00
2 7,500 Yen Lot (7 x 1,000 and 1 x 500) - a.k.a. exchange value lot $52.50 ($7 per 1,000 yen); exchange rate is currently $8.68 per 1,000 yen
3 Random Lot of Old Yen Notes (with 2 Military Payment Certs) $50.00
Everything All of the above $145 shipped first class / $149 shipped priority
PM me if you are looking for notes from any other particular countries. I won a few auctions last year with a huge variety of 1,000 plus notes, but have now decided to sell any foreign currency that I have. Too many other interests to keep up with foreign currency on top of everything else.
Zelle preferred, but will also accept PayPal Good and Services if you pick up the 3% fee.
$5 First Class or $9 Priority Shipping.
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2022.01.27 16:59 ia-nach [AYUDA] ¿Qué son estos medidores? Los tenía mi viejo que fue electricista pero no tengo mucha idea del tema. ¿Valen algo o estan obsoletos?

[AYUDA] ¿Qué son estos medidores? Los tenía mi viejo que fue electricista pero no tengo mucha idea del tema. ¿Valen algo o estan obsoletos? submitted by ia-nach to argentina [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 16:59 EstablishmentOk7790 Why do I seem to have two levels?

When I am on the home screen and look to the bottom left corner below my avatar there is a small shield indicating I am level 24. The white bar to the right of the shield shows me about halfway to the next level. However, when I claim XP points from challenges it shows a bar filling up from level 58 to 59. I had my friends check their accounts and their two numbers match. Why are mine different?
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2022.01.27 16:59 Shimarine Poor Alpharius :(

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2022.01.27 16:59 Another_krispykreme Characters I made with dough

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2022.01.27 16:59 SlowMtn Career transition

Today I am officially deciding to become an Instructional Designer and Learning Experience Designer in 2022! It is now part of my life and career plan to pivot into this wonderful field which I learned about just about 2 months ago.
I’d like to share a bit about me and my plan, and hopefully, those with more experience and insight might be able to provide me with feedback and support.

  1. I want to get training and certification. I know this isn’t required / necessary, but I want the structure, support, and curated learning After considering all the options I could find, I would like to enroll in the in the Applied Instructional Design Academy. https://www.learningstrategyanddesign.com/academy - its the most robust and holistic training out there
  2. I plan on getting a part-time work while I am getting training and certified. I will either work in retail to get out of the house and I actually enjoy interacting with people and providing great customer service. I’m also considering leveraging my UX Design and Graphic Design skills to freelance. More specifically, I’m thinking of advertising in various Instructional Design Groups and see if anyone needs help with e-learning development. I’m not sure if my services would be needed though. My rates for this would be flexible so I could get to work with more people and use that collaboration to network and get some work experience in.
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2022.01.27 16:59 oregon300 karen young pulls music from olympics 2-12-1996

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