FBI: Season 4, Episode 12: Under Pressure TV Show Trailer [CBS]

2022.01.27 17:12 film-bookdotcom FBI: Season 4, Episode 12: Under Pressure TV Show Trailer [CBS]

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2022.01.27 17:12 Inglorious-Actual Looking for a free Oculus 360 video player that supports looping

Ideally I want to download an APK that can be managed through ArborXR and loaded onto groups of devices. Loading via Sidequest or from the Quest store is fine for proof of concept. The goal is to put the devices into a kiosk mode that just loops the video(s.)
Thanks for any suggestions
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2022.01.27 17:12 poser4life Does the P on the Pirates hat stand for Pittsburgh or Pirates? Is it possible that it changes if they are home or away?

I guess we can ask the same of the Philadelphia Phillies hat.
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2022.01.27 17:12 MERKFLAMES Willem Dafoe would not make for a good William Afton in the FNAF movie.

Now don't get me wrong, Willem Dafoe is a fantastic actor when he needs to be, he can without a shadow of a doubt put in an unforgettable, great performance.
That being said, stop fancasting him as William Afton.
I feel like a lot of people who do this are doing it solely because they just saw No Way Home and his performance (which again, phenomenonal) in that movie.
A similar thing happened with Jared Leto. He did Dallas Buyers Club, put in a good performance, even one an Oscar for his role. Then the next movie he did was Suicide Squad.
TL;DR a good performance in one movie doesn't automatically translate to a good performance in another movie.
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2022.01.27 17:12 joe7180 My budget is 20K thinking to buy a Camaro because I heard they’re the most reliable out of all the muscle cars, any years I should avoid ? V8 or v6?

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2022.01.27 17:12 Squashedfood Redshore Security Aspects is now hiring all qualified applicants!

Redshore Security Aspects

It’s time to explore exciting opportunities as you launch a rewarding career with Redshore Security Aspects.
We have the right job here for you. From armed operatives in Vanduul space, emergency medical technicians onboard the best in class capitol ships, Protective services in UEE space, corporate roles such as information and asset reclamation, and over-seeing large counter pirate contracts, you can achieve your passion of creating a safer life inside and out of UEE space. When you join our team, you join a family.
Who are we?
Redshore Security Aspects was formed in 2058 to combine best-in-class brands, assets and people within the complex risk management industry. Over the years since, our system-wide team of industry leaders has grown to include New world Administrant Concern, Copper Horizon Venture Guardianship, Accurate Defense, and Administrant. Today, Redshore Security Aspects is the largest and most diverse non-financial risk management company in the UEE, offering turn-key solutions to address our customers’ most complex challenges wherever they are needed, anytime and anywhere.
Please visit the links:
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/2F587DKX
RSI Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/REDSECASPC
The legaleze:
This is a brand new org this is your chance to join something from the beginning!
This is an 18+ org.
Language: English
Specialization: Combat, Support, Intel Gathering, Salvage
Time zone: US mainly, international is welcome.
Roleplay: Optional but encouraged if it equals fun.
Commitment: Casual/RegulaHardcore
Mission Times: Evenings
Exclusive: No.
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2022.01.27 17:12 fifbeat Director of ‘Vigilante Diaries’ says it’s ‘Lights Out’ for Frank Grillo, Scott Adkins, Mekhi Phifer and Dermot Mulroney

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2022.01.27 17:12 thesuntalking [Request] Lord, Lord, Lord without Swizz Beatz's verse

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2022.01.27 17:12 ale3smm help with list files action

well it's kind of nostalgic list files was one of the first thing I started playing with in Tasker 😁 having said that today I'd like to list files but only from a specific files until the end of the list see screenshot.: https://i.imgur.com/mXPgCK5.jpg I've got a task that using mixplorer media notification will give me name and path of currently opened file. I d like to create a "resume" task like mxplayer (wich I'm no longer using). first thing I tried is to launch app action of Tasker (with player activity and file path as data) wich works as expected but it will not play next or previous files in the folder. so the logical solution is to create a temp m3u playlist with first line as last played file(i got from saved notification task) thanks for the help.
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2022.01.27 17:12 dancedanceunderpants So much wrong at puppy play date!

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2022.01.27 17:12 the_greatest_fight A guy said that he liked talking to me so much that he only wanted to get his cabinet done from me!

I run a kitchen cabinet shop with my father and my father is an immigrant, therefore he doesn't know English very well. A Caucasian man called him asking for cabinets and I took over since I know English. He said that he was looking around at bunch of different companies (there are a lot in my city) and he said that he liked my attitude and talking to me so much that he decided that he would get his Cabinets made from us! That made feel so great because all my life I have been told that talking to me isn't really worth anything. Maybe I should try and be a salesman for our company and pick up more high paying customers?
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2022.01.27 17:12 lxBreadxl Thought fits in the sub (comic cover fallout 4)

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2022.01.27 17:12 Zero_worX New Receiver + Shroud printed in white PLA +

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2022.01.27 17:12 ItHap Kanye stole the show for 2/22/22

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2022.01.27 17:12 MarshaMateria How is the connection this strong?

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2022.01.27 17:12 axicutionman Just Rebuilt the taxi in Studio, with a couple of part changes in more common colors. what do you think?

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2022.01.27 17:12 OcelotInTheCloset New Guitar Day

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2022.01.27 17:12 Ambitious_Usual_8558 Septril without septum?

Recently saw a septril and thought it looked amazing. I do not want a septum, and ideally don't want to get one and deal with stretching to get the septril to leave the septum hole. I also am not keen on a rhino. I was wondering if you could use a J bar or curved barbell and do a septril eqivalent where it goes to the side in one nostril?
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2022.01.27 17:12 Robert-Kenneth508 Verstappen reveals striking new helmet design for 2022

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2022.01.27 17:12 Kersnaamgebrui Lets keep track of who ordered and gets delivered what and when.

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2022.01.27 17:12 Sylvane1a Jack's No-Good Dad Stanley

I heard a rumor that we were going to hear something of Stanley's story. It might have been chatter on here but it was supposed to explain why he seemed like he'd be a good dad at the time of Jack's birth and then changed to a bad dad and husband. As if something changed him.
Anybody know anything? Anybody care? The show hasn't so far tried to explain the backstories behind the behavior of bad people like Marc and Stanley. I don't know if viewers would be at all sympathetic to them if we knew more about their lives.
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2022.01.27 17:12 Kutaba_ree Kopai (OC)

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2022.01.27 17:12 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Former Pirates player Gene Clines, part of MLB’s first all-minority lineup, dies at 75 | Chicago Sun-Times

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2022.01.27 17:12 LIBERAL_LAZY_LOSER Should I take out student loans?

I only have about a year left of school and it costs about 10k. We could pay out of pocket me and my wife but it would hurt a lot.
I have no student loans right now. I’ve heard Joe Biden might be forgiving 10k of them eventually. Should I take out loans?
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2022.01.27 17:12 BusyLeek2351 The only way to watch marvel movies

I was gifted a USB drive that contains all of phase 1 through four in chronological order scene by scene. So Captain America, Captain Marvel, and the guardian of the galaxy for example play out together simultaneously. It’s masterfully cut and THE best way to watch these movies. The Incredible Hulk movie is also edited in here too! So it’s all movies hulk through end game. Also I didn’t realize that canonically iron man was iron manning for over a decade before the avengers initiative.
Sorry if I’m rambling I’m just really excited and don’t have many people to share this with lol
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